The Best Roller Coaster Commercial Ever

Recently, I stumbled across what may be… No, what IS the best commercial featuring a roller coaster ever. If you’re a roller coaster fanatic like myself then you likely imagine how a roller coaster would look in the landscapes and cityscapes that you encounter on a daily basis.

This commercial for UK-based credit card, BarclayCard, seamlessly integrates a roller coaster into the crowded skyscrapers and bustling streets of New York City. Enjoy:

Sorry about the quality. I removed a few seconds to keep it ‘family friendly’ as I know that the site has some younger visitors. My video conversion skills weathered the video. The original TV ad can be found on YouTube. Also, watch the behind-the-scenes video for the commercial here. The TV ad supports the company’s contactless payment technology. It’s a sequel to a previous commercial featuring an immensely long water slide which was also integrated in a city. Watch the water slide TV ad here.

What’s Your Take?
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