Recently, I stumbled across what may be… No, what IS the best commercial featuring a roller coaster ever. If you’re a roller coaster fanatic like myself then you likely imagine how a roller coaster would look in the landscapes and cityscapes that you encounter on a daily basis.

This commercial for UK-based credit card, BarclayCard, seamlessly integrates a roller coaster into the crowded skyscrapers and bustling streets of New York City. Enjoy:

Sorry about the quality. I removed a few seconds to keep it ‘family friendly’ as I know that the site has some younger visitors. My video conversion skills weathered the video. The original TV ad can be found on YouTube. Also, watch the behind-the-scenes video for the commercial here. The TV ad supports the company’s contactless payment technology. It’s a sequel to a previous commercial featuring an immensely long water slide which was also integrated in a city. Watch the water slide TV ad here.

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  1. Josh

    Haha, I totally imagine coasters in the coasterless land around me. In totally empty fields, i find myself thinking, "hmm, what a waste. You could totally fit a roller coaster here." lol.

    That commercial is awesome. Though, there really needs to be more than just three cars. The capacity would suck. 😉

    • Quil

      loved the add. great music here.

      PS-i had a dream that i was riding a coaster like that, it was at night though, so there was a great view of the city lights.

      PS2-only on person was riding it JaMeS, it looked fine as it was.

      • Quil

        oh, sorry, i`m a careless reader so i prettey much just looked and saw a j. that`s what confuses me whith you and judy as well… sorry.

  2. RollercoasterDude

    Great commercial, but if there is really sparks under the coaster, as there were after he picked up his lunch, and you saw the sparks fly under the coaster, that is metal on metal, and is very dangerous. I mean, it's not a subway train. LOL.

  3. Prof. BAM

    I saw this commercial on another site as well, as I was following an update on screamscape. I thought I saw a comment of yours there too CC. As for the commercial, the track looks like it is either TOGO, Arrow, Mauer Sohne, Vekoma, or Premier. the trains look D.H. Morgan. I should know, I ride a D.H. Morgan hypercoaster as much as 27 times a day when I'm up in that section of Frozen tundra. But that would be sweet riding a roller coaster everywhere you go. I've had something around the area of 80 dreams like that (All B&M)!

    • Tom

      After seeing that yesterday I had a dream I was on something like that. It was really realistic.

      • Quil

        agreed, a coaster ride bringing you around the world=coaster enthusiasts greatest dream.

  4. Prof.BAM

    there should really be OTSRs on that ride with that many inversions. SooperDooperLooper at HersheyPark has a vertical loop, but only a lap bar. Also, him passing the flock of Birds reminded me of Fabio on Apollo's Chariot.

    • Quil

      Joker's Jinx & Flight of Fear both have four Inversions with only a lap bar, so I don't realy see why.


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