Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park

Most Wanted Roller Coasters: Expedition GeForce – World’s Best Coaster?

This edition of Most Wanted Roller Coasters takes us to Germany for the roller coaster some believe to be the Expedition GeForce at Holiday ParkBest in the World. Holiday Park’s Expedition GeForce has been battling it out with the United State’s Bizarro at Six Flags New England ( formerly Superman: Ride of Steel) for years.

In the past five years of Mitch Hawker’s Internet Coaster Poll Expedition GeForce has tied for first, placed just behind Bizarro, or ranked third. The past two years it’s placed third due to Eagle’s Fortress’ 2nd place ranking. However, it’s worth noting that Everland’s Eagle’s Fortress only had 13 riders in 2008 and 2009. It’s been the source of a bit of controversy. Meanwhile, Bizarro and Expedition GeForce have had well over 100 riders. According to Wikipedia, Expedition GeForce also ranked #1 from 2001 to 2004.

Or, if you prefer the Golden Ticket Awards, Expedition GeForce has placed well considering that poll’s heavily American-skewed rankings. In the past 5 years it’s ranked 6th four times and 5th once.

Who Cares About Hyper Coasters (Overseas)?
At 173′ tall, Expedition GeForce has a Expedition GeForce at Holiday Parkhyper coaster-like layout that emphasizes airtime hills, but it doesn’t break the 200′ barrier in height or in any of its drops. In that way, it’s similar to the Intamin Mega-Lite coasters that followed it. Mega-Lites like Kawasemi and Piraten have also ranked really well in the Internet Coaster Poll. This trend of mini hyper coasters makes me think that foreign parks may not have the “bigger equals better” mentality that many American parks do.

The very definition of a hyper coaster includes our quirky measurement system that still uses “feet”. While all other industrialized nations use the metric system. Is there any chance that Europa Park markets their B&M coaster Silver Star as a hyper coaster because it breaks the 60.96 meter height barrier? I doubt it. Readers from other countries feel free to chime in.

Anyway, I’d like the record-breaking thrill ride loving fanboys who are so focused on the biggest, fastest, and steepest to take note. Size isn’t everything!

Check out these professionally shot videos of Expedition GeForce:
Expedition On-Ride & Off-Ride Video

Expedition POV Video

Note – These videos were filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Expedition GeForce has a pretty unique layout. There seems to be a lot more banked track than Bizarro. Although, you can tell from Bizarro’s second half that the coasters are related as both were built by Intamin.

Will the Bizarro Transformation Help Expedition GeForce Reclaim the Top Spot?
Since Superman Ride of Steel made its transition to Bizarro in 2009, some have argued that it’s not as good as it used to be, while others feel that it’s as good as ever. Due to its reputation and the likelihood that it will take years for enthusiasts to get back to Six Flags New England, it could take a while for its ranking to slip;  if indeed it’s not as good as it once was. Or, it could happen this off-season. We’ll have to wait and see.

This thought came to mind when I met the production crew from Bert the Conqueror. They’re not your typical well-traveled coaster enthusiasts, but they do get to ride the roller coasters that they film. They had just been at Six Flags New England right before Carowinds. They asked what my favorite roller coaster was and I told them it was Bizarro. They had a puzzled look and I think one of them used the terms “rough and shaky” to describe Bizarro. Both Bert and the camera man preferred Carowinds’ Intimidator over Bizarro.  Obviously, this is just a few guys’ opinions but, I thought it was interesting. I’m looking forward to the Massachusetts and South Carolina episodes where these coasters will featured in the coming weeks.

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What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Expedition GeForce? Have you ridden Expedition GeForce? Leave a comment below. Images courtesy of CoasterForce.