I meant to write this post last weekend, but I’ve had an insane last couple of days. So, this is by no means Busch Gardens Mach Tower breaking news anymore. Last Saturday, Busch Gardens Williamsburg released details of their 2011 and 2012 plans at a season pass holder event. As rumors suggested, the Euro-themed park will be getting a drop tower in 2011, but also a new roller coaster in 2012. In typical Busch Gardens fashion, both attractions aim to be custom, world-class level rides.

Mach Tower Opening in 2011
Mach Tower will be the tallest attraction at Busch Gardens rising to a lofty 246 feet. The tower will feature seats that rotate outward so that riders can get a panoramic view of the park and the surrounding area. Unlike many parks where you’d get a birds eye view of concrete, industrial buildings, or highways, Busch Gardens is surrounded by a lush green forest and the James River in the distance. The park is consistently ranked the World’s Most Beautiful Amusement Park. So, that view should really be something spectacular. The view will be something like the one I experienced during the Roller Coaster Tour at the top of Griffon (pictures here), only another 40 feet or so taller. Once riders reach the top, they will experience a surprise before dropping at a rate of 64 mph back to the ground.

Check out this video of the Mach Tower & 2012 Roller Coaster Announcement:

Busch Gardens 2012 Roller Coaster
Chris from BGWFans, who attended the event described details about the coaster:

The final announcement was about the new coaster that will be going onto the land left vacant by the removal of the Big Bad Wolf. According to the park it will be “multi-launching, high speed, electromagnetic & like no ride you’ve seen before”. We weren’t able to get a ton of information about this coaster, but we did hear from the park it would have elements that would remind riders of the Big Bad Wolf, and heard that it could possibly incorporate dark ride elements.

In addition, the entire Oktoberfest area that includes the large and popular Festhaus will be getting an redesign. To read about the three other announcements made during the event read more at: BGWFans Also read more at: Busch Gardens Announcement Page

Could BGW’s 2012 Coaster Be Cheetaka’s Bigger & Badder Sibling?
I’m happy to hear about both of these major new rides. I’m glad that Big Bad Wolf’s old area will only be vacant for two seasons. That’s much better than watching Drachen Fire and then its station just sit there abandoned for years knowing that the area use to be a major thrill ride there.

Details are scarce about the new roller coaster, but from what we know, I’m very excited for what looks to be a launched terrain coaster that will likely boast some cool theming. If history is any indication the roller coaster will be a bigger and badder sister coaster of the rumored Cheetaka coaster that Busch Gardens Tampa is getting in 2011. This would follow the trend set by Alpengeist & Montu as well as Griffon & SheiKra.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2011 and 2012 plans? Leave a comment below. Thanks to Chris from BGWFans for the great coverage. I was glued to his Twitter page last Saturday.

11 Responses

  1. Piedude81

    I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, ready, ready. That new 2012 ride will blow us away. (It would be funny if it was kiddie coaster……)

  2. Prof.BAM

    A rumor I have heard, is that B&M could be the designer. I wouldn't doubt that they are looking for new ways to thrill us, but still make a good coaster. Last night I had a dream of a cobra roll on a flying coaster. That would be sweet!

    • Frog

      Wow, i never thought of a cobra roll on a flying coaster! That would be awesome!!! I hope the special surprise on the Mach Tower is either facing straight up or down after you get to the top. And I agree with CC on how it might be the bigger twin of Cheetaka, i hope it is!

      • Brian

        That's exactly what I was thinking! The seats rotating so you face straight up or down would be scary as hell.. And even more fun haha! What else could they do up there? A short fake-out drop seems unoriginal and not very surprising and if that's not the surprise then I can't imagine anything else it could be other than pivoting the seats up or down.

      • Frog

        maybe spinning while dropping? I don't know if that would be any more scary though.

      • Quil

        I think they listed the spinning element before the "suprises", but it still does sound fun.

        PS-A coabra roll on a flying coaster. Prof.BAM, you're a genious.

    • Brian

      Thanks for the video.. That is exactly what I was thinking! (obviously not the same tower shape/design). Now imagine the seats rotated the opposite direction so you're falling backwards like in a falling dream.. Or even better, if the seats were on a free spinning axis letting you feel completely out of control in a freefall and even allowing for the seats to flip on the way down! All the fun of jumping off a building without the splat haha!

  3. kid

    #5 obviously an improved version of cheetah hunt.. god do they alway have to have the same ride in both parks? shiekra, griffon now this

  4. JT

    I just got back from Tampa and to ride cheeta hunt. If we are getting something similar, which it sounds like we are, we're in for a treat 8). It launches you 3 times and has speed, corckscrews, and they load 2 trains at once. The only drawback is it wasn't extremely fast and.I had to wait two and a half hours to ride.

  5. Victor Jouet

    I just got back from Tampa Saturday and was not too impressed with Cheetah Hunt and would hope for an improved version in Virginia. The first launch was similar to Speed The Ride at the Sahara in Vegas, but no where near as fast and disappointing. The second launch to get you over the hill also seems weak to me. The darting left and right low to the ground could have been almost twice as fast I believe and the ride seems long enough to support more speed. I prefer Maverick at Cedar Point to this version. Hopefully they will make it longer and faster in VA and dive to the river besides.


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