Busch Gardens Williamsburg | 2011 Drop Tower & 2012 Roller Coaster

I meant to write this post last weekend, but I’ve had an insane last couple of days. So, this is by no means Busch Gardens Mach Tower breaking news anymore. Last Saturday, Busch Gardens Williamsburg released details of their 2011 and 2012 plans at a season pass holder event. As rumors suggested, the Euro-themed park will be getting a drop tower in 2011, but also a new roller coaster in 2012. In typical Busch Gardens fashion, both attractions aim to be custom, world-class level rides.

Mach Tower Opening in 2011
Mach Tower will be the tallest attraction at Busch Gardens rising to a lofty 246 feet. The tower will feature seats that rotate outward so that riders can get a panoramic view of the park and the surrounding area. Unlike many parks where you’d get a birds eye view of concrete, industrial buildings, or highways, Busch Gardens is surrounded by a lush green forest and the James River in the distance. The park is consistently ranked the World’s Most Beautiful Amusement Park. So, that view should really be something spectacular. The view will be something like the one I experienced during the Roller Coaster Tour at the top of Griffon (pictures here), only another 40 feet or so taller. Once riders reach the top, they will experience a surprise before dropping at a rate of 64 mph back to the ground.

Check out this video of the Mach Tower & 2012 Roller Coaster Announcement:

Busch Gardens 2012 Roller Coaster
Chris from BGWFans, who attended the event described details about the coaster:

The final announcement was about the new coaster that will be going onto the land left vacant by the removal of the Big Bad Wolf. According to the park it will be “multi-launching, high speed, electromagnetic & like no ride you’ve seen before”. We weren’t able to get a ton of information about this coaster, but we did hear from the park it would have elements that would remind riders of the Big Bad Wolf, and heard that it could possibly incorporate dark ride elements.

In addition, the entire Oktoberfest area that includes the large and popular Festhaus will be getting an redesign. To read about the three other announcements made during the event read more at: BGWFans Also read more at: Busch Gardens Announcement Page

Could BGW’s 2012 Coaster Be Cheetaka’s Bigger & Badder Sibling?
I’m happy to hear about both of these major new rides. I’m glad that Big Bad Wolf’s old area will only be vacant for two seasons. That’s much better than watching Drachen Fire and then its station just sit there abandoned for years knowing that the area use to be a major thrill ride there.

Details are scarce about the new roller coaster, but from what we know, I’m very excited for what looks to be a launched terrain coaster that will likely boast some cool theming. If history is any indication the roller coaster will be a bigger and badder sister coaster of the rumored Cheetaka coaster that Busch Gardens Tampa is getting in 2011. This would follow the trend set by Alpengeist & Montu as well as Griffon & SheiKra.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2011 and 2012 plans? Leave a comment below. Thanks to Chris from BGWFans for the great coverage. I was glued to his Twitter page last Saturday.