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Season Pass Podcast LogoI’ve been lucky enough to join a few different podcasts this season. I joined The Season Pass Podcast while they were broadcasting live from Kings Dominion during the last leg of Theme Park Review’s East Coast Bash. I was invited to be a guest on Theme Park Central‘s new podcast. And, earlier this summer I did my first ever foreign podcast as I was featured on the Swedish, Freebird the Podcast. Below you’ll find links to the podcasts with my favorite quotes from each.

The Season Pass Podcast – Live from Kings Dominion with Intimidator 305 Talk
Hosts Doug & Robert were joined by the Kings Dominion’s Marketing Manager John Pagel, theme park enthusiast heavyweights Robb Alvey (Theme Park Review) and Arthur Levine ( – Theme Parks), and me. There’s plenty of in-depth information about Intimidator 305 and how it came to be. For example, you’ll hear about how Cedar Fair was wavering between a 200-foot and 300-foot tall roller coaster for Kings Dominion. It’s a must listen for Kings Dominion fans, but also for anyone interested in the process a park goes through in selecting and building a roller coaster. Plus, you’ll get our first reactions haven just ridden Intimidator 305.

Favorite Quotes
“It’s a mix between Maverick and Millennium Force. This is their red-tracked stepchild. That’s exactly what it is. It’s a comibination of both of those.”
– John Pagel on Intimidator 305Alvey, Levine, & The Coaster Critic on The Season Pass Podcast

“I come from California and we have a good hyper coaster, Goliath. But I would kill to have one of these coasters trimmed and even with the old restraints in our backyard.”
– Robb Alvey on Intimidator 305

“Drop Tower was lots of fun. Dominator was lots of fun. Shockwave…. Uh, anyway…. This is a really nice park.”
– East Coast Bash Attendee Wes

Caution this podcast is PG-13 for some mild language.
To listen or download visit: This Episode’s Page
Also, here’s a: Direct Audio Link

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Theme Park Central: Episode 2
I actually met Patrick (Patchman) from Theme Park Central at Coaster Stock in July. I talked with Patrick, Jason, Chris & Katy about my background, my favorite roller coasters, and a little bit about Carowinds CoasterStock event.

Favorite Quotes
“It seemed odd to me that “normal” people wanted to know that much about roller coasters.”
– Joel on Carowinds Coaster Stock attendees

“I got off thinking, Oh my God! What just happened to me?!”
– Jason on El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure

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Theme Park Central recently announced an enthusiast event at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Hallofeast will include a full hour of Apollo’s Chariot ERT (exclusive ride time), a photo hunt, and more. Read the Hallofeast details.

Freebird: The Podcast Avisnitt 5
I joined Henrik Persson and Johan Norberg for the Freebird podcast back in May. It’s almost entirely in Swedish except for the intro and my interview at about 22:20. I cover some of the major innovations in roller coasters over the last decade or so. Henrik & Johan from Freebird the Podcast

Favorite Quotes
“There are these roller coasters that can catapult riders up to 120 – 130 mph. They take you up 40-some feet. Way up there really fast!”
– Joel on Kingda Ka‘s allegedly 4 story tall hill. 🙂

“Usually when you have a hobby that’s really unusual and strange. People tend to look down on you. Do people ever frown upon this hobby of yours and tell you to grow up?”
– Henrick Persson

Caution – My interview at 22:20 is fine, but there’s a curse word during the English intro.
Here’s a: Direct Audio Link
Freebird: The Podcast Web Site

Ironically, I feel like this appearance was probably my best (aside from the 4-story – 40-story botch) on a podcast even though many of the listeners were in another part of the World and probably aren’t even coaster enthusiasts. I’ve always considered my ability to explain roller coaster geekdom to the general public one of my strengths. Oh, and if you’ve ever wanted to know what my real job is, I divulge it in this podcast!

Sweden is home to the popular Intamin Prefabricated wooden roller coaster, Balder. Check out this POV video:

Visit Balder’s Roller Coaster Wiki Page.
Note – This video was filmed by a professional with permission from the park.
For safety reason, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

I’m always willing and available for interviews be it radio, TV, print, digital, or whatever. I’ve even helped out on school projects. You can contact me by using my Contact Form.

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