Bert the Conqueror Season 2 Wants You

Intimidator 305 & Griffon to be Featured on Season 2 of Bert the Conqueror
Coaster Critic on Bert the ConquerorRecently, I found out that Bert the Conqueror has been renewed for another season and filming is already underway. Next weekend, the show will be filming at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens and they’re looking for riders, but not just any riders. They’re looking for two types of riders or personalities to possibly be featured on the show.

Trepidacious (Scared) Rider
Are you terrified of roller coasters? Or, have you steered clear of Intimidator 305 or Griffon, because they were just too intimidating? If you’re willing to put aside your fears and conquer one of these thrilling roller coasters with Bert then you may be right for the show.

Enthusiastic Expert Rider
Do you have an obsession with Griffon? Have you ridden Intimidator 305 three-hundred times? Take Bert under your wing and show him the ropes of these great coasters. Caution – Many of us coaster enthusiasts look like we’re going for aBert Riding maXair at Cedar Point relaxing Sunday drive during the most intense roller coasters around because we’re so used to them. If you consider yourself an “enthusiastic expert”, you better come with some enthusiasm and charisma.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the show, send me your contact information and a little bit about yourself via my contact form.

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What’s Your Take?
Are you excited about another season of Bert the Conqueror? Leave a comment below.