Texas Giant’s Physics Defying Element

Did you hear it? There was a collective gasp yesterday. It occurred when several thousand coaster enthusiasts scrolled through yet another construction photo message board thread on Theme Park Review. Only this time they laid their eyes on some pretty impressive Texas Giant images. One image in particular has caused the most stir. It involves a crazily banked turn.

Here’s an image from Six Flags Over Texas’ Facebook Page:
Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas 2011

Here’s the group of Texas Giant construction photos. And here’s another image of the banked turn with support over it. I’m assumming that it’s an older photo.

Okay. So, after additional looks, the turn isn’t quite physics defying. I think the trains will come towards the camera. So we’re looking at a crazy turn and pretty steep drop. I thought that that was a climb and turn we were looking at. Still, all of the images look really cool. I’m excited to see how this thing turns out.

I already had Texas and Six Flags Over Texas in particular on my radar for 2011, but it might have just moved ahead of Busch Gardens Tampa since I’ve been to BGT before. I’ve never been to SFOT and Texas Giant looks insane! There are usually a few construction updates like this every off-season that keep the winter months interesting for coaster fans.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the construction photos? Do you think Texas Giant will be any good? Leave a comment below.