Featured Photo #4 – The Best Currently Defunct Coaster on the Planet?

Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster - Hard Rock ParkThis great Bolliger & Mabillard looping roller coaster, formerly known as the Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster and The Time Machine, has to be one of the best defunct roller coasters anywhere. It was the marquee roller coaster at Hard Rock Park when it opened in 2008. It was a pretty photogenic coaster with its zeppelin shaped station and white steel track partially situated over a pond. I took this photo from the walkway that took guests literally and figuratively across the pond from the Rock N Roll Heaven area to the UK-themed British Invasion area.

After a short-lived run, Hard Rock Park went bankrupt. One year later, the park re-opened as Freestyle Music Park. The new management gave it a pretty good go, but the park once again failed and it remained closed all of 2010. Now, the coaster sits dormant

As Led Zeppelin, the coaster blared the band’s hit song “Whole Lotta Love” from its on-board speakers. Then as The Time Machine, it played a mix of songs from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, & 00′s. The layout’s straight-forward, but action-packed with a number of loops over water. It often seemed a bit shakier than most B&M loopers, but not too rough. Read my full review of the Led Zeppelin Coaster and a mini-review in my Freestyle Music Park theme park review.

What’s Your Take?
Did you make it Hard Rock Park or Freestyle Music Park when it was open? What did you think of this coaster? Leave a comment below.

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