Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster - Hard Rock ParkThis great Bolliger & Mabillard looping roller coaster, formerly known as the Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster and The Time Machine, has to be one of the best defunct roller coasters anywhere. It was the marquee roller coaster at Hard Rock Park when it opened in 2008. It was a pretty photogenic coaster with its zeppelin shaped station and white steel track partially situated over a pond. I took this photo from the walkway that took guests literally and figuratively across the pond from the Rock N Roll Heaven area to the UK-themed British Invasion area.

After a short-lived run, Hard Rock Park went bankrupt. One year later, the park re-opened as Freestyle Music Park. The new management gave it a pretty good go, but the park once again failed and it remained closed all of 2010. Now, the coaster sits dormant

As Led Zeppelin, the coaster blared the band’s hit song “Whole Lotta Love” from its on-board speakers. Then as The Time Machine, it played a mix of songs from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, & 00′s. The layout’s straight-forward, but action-packed with a number of loops over water. It often seemed a bit shakier than most B&M loopers, but not too rough. Read my full review of the Led Zeppelin Coaster and a mini-review in my Freestyle Music Park theme park review.

What’s Your Take?
Did you make it Hard Rock Park or Freestyle Music Park when it was open? What did you think of this coaster? Leave a comment below.

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17 Responses

  1. jordzz

    looks pretty fun! i hear it has pretty bad rattle towards the end of the ride but still, it's one of the only B&M sitters and gives a good ride. I hope someone buys it soon…

  2. DC

    I hit Mega Millions or Power Ball, we can all get together and revive it… and the park!

    • The Coaster Critic

      You think a lot like me DC. It'd be great to revive this park and actually make it work in Myrtle Beach after so many have already doomed it from day one. I'd say the Knoebels free entry, pay per ride option might work if you'd bring in enough guests. The main problem is its location away from the beach. Freestyle Music Park advertised, but I think it might have been a case of out of sight out of mind with so many guests spending their entire MB vacation without having to drive by the park.

  3. Quil

    Maybe all of this expensive music licensing is what sunk both parks. Seaworld Parks, we are in need of assaistance.

  4. Prof.BAM

    I want someone to buy this place okay! Someone who will trash the music theme and not let it go on a cruise on the Titanic! Especilally the one Premier coaster that has the Ferris Wheel-esque lift system! I agree with you, Quil. SeaWorld would be a good fit for this park. If I bought this park, I'd theme Time Machine/Led Zeppelin to the Hindenburg (partly because the park dropped like the infamous ship, TWICE!)

      • Prof.BAM

        I compared the park to the Hindenburg because both went down in flames (the park in Legal flames twice)

      • Quil

        I was wonering what READYdot meant. some people never use the reply bar.

  5. Frog

    I think the park went down simply because it wasn't recognized enough, and lacked thrill rides. yes their rides were unique, but besides Time Machine/Zeppelin coaster, it didn't have any thrill rides. The concept of the park was ok, just needs more fun for older people (aka over 7 years old :). Hope it comes back though!

  6. Gearhart

    I stayed just two blocks from this thing when I was down in Myrtle Beach last summer and it was a truly sad sight to see such a good looking B&M sbno. If the park never reopens it would be a terrific fit in quickly growing Silverwood theme park in Idaho, already home to a pair of excellent woodies and Six Flags Great America's transplanted Vekoma GIB.

  7. CFC

    I hope someone will save this ride before it goes bad. Although the park was average(unique, but average), Led Zeppelin/Time Machine was a fun coaster. If nothing else, I hope someone saves it.

  8. TwoFifteen

    Ozark Wildcat has to be the best currently defunct coaster on the planet. B&Ms are good rides, but this one has a pretty unoriginal layout.

  9. michael

    it wasnt just the fact that it was mostly shops it was way to expensive they closed down the pavilion and it was cheap and fun but this is like fifty per person(just saying not actual price)and it has like a total of three rides if it would be cheaper they would get a lot more visits.


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