It looks like Intamin has made a design for a roller coaster with 12 inversions. It appears to have some elements that are featured on their 10 inversion coasters, Fahrenheit, and the Mega-Lite coasters.

The order of the inversions would be:
Norwegian Loop
Cobra Roll
Vertical Loop
Four Corkscrews
Three Heartline Rolls

There are also a few airtime hills mixed in.Intamin-12-Looping-Coaster

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See more in this Intamin brochure.

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  1. The Coaster Critic

    Great find Trent! Very cool news.

    I've always wished that more roller coasters would incorporate airtime hills and loops. My dream roller coaster would be Giga-sized B&M with massive loops and airtime hills.

    Anyone think we'll ever see one of these in the States? Or do you think park owners would steer clear of a ride with so many headaches, I mean loops?

    • Trent

      Yea, that is my idea of the perfect coaster too, I don't think that one of these will come to America, although that would be nice, it will probably go to China. The most inversions on a coaster in the US right now is 7, so this would be a big leap (almost twice the amount).

  2. Mike

    I don't know how much room certain parks have but I could see this happening at Cedar Point since they are "America's Roller Coast." I know the economy is brought up a lot in regards to new coasters so I don't know how economical it will be. Looks interesting though and I don't doubt it will happen one day; but when?

  3. Surya

    The addition of 2 airtime hills will probably lift this one above the average looper. Could be very nice, especially with that Norwegian loop!

  4. Gordy

    Neat find, Trent! Even though I saw this on Theme Park Review a couple months back, it's still a cool find.

    The combination of elements may seem odd, especially that Intimidator 305-ish turn, but I'm confident that this could become a popular coaster at any park with the record-breaking amount of loops. Plus, I'm sure the average enthusiast will enjoy the airtime hills as well.

  5. adavis

    I'd love to ride something like this. Maverick and Fahrenheit are two coasters that I absolutely adore, and I have no doubt that I would enjoy a ride like Cheetah Hunt, ISpeed, or this one. Cedar Point is probably the last park that needs more Intamin, but you'd never hear me complaining!

    • Mike

      You can never have too many intamins!!! I only thought of Cedar point since they get a lot of the "Firsts" in the coaster world i.e. first 300 footer in the states and first 400 footer and they were also both intamin so it seems they have a good relationship.

      • Quil

        Intamin is definitely my favorite company, although I haven't ridden any looping Intamins.

  6. Prof.BAM

    Anyone else think it will go in Orlando's new proposed Thrill park? From what is already up, I hear mostly Intamin and Vekoma (unique or record breakers).

    • Quil

      Most Likeley: Cedar point and/or Orlando Thrill park.

      Other than that: possibly a publicity-seeking smaller park, or maybe an SF park. I coud definiteley see some other countries wanting to get a ride like this.

      • Mike

        That's a good point about a different country. Seems like a lot of prototype rides start in other countries. X-Raptor this year and B&M's dive coaster was first built overseas. Lots of intamin megalites overseas but none here. Could be more but that is what I know off the top of my head. Also another point about Cedar Point is I'm sure they want to reclaim their throne by having the most coasters since SFMM has caught up to them.

      • Trent

        I think it would be great at Orlando Thrill Park because I live close to that. Unfortunately Cedar Point doesn't have many looping coasters (4 out of 17), I hope that I am wrong and it does come to a US park because that would be awesome!

  7. TheRealRideWarrior

    How big is the footprint for SW7 at Alton Towers?? They are promising another world's first in 2012 or 2013…just putting two and two together here.

    • Prof.BAM

      I also thought of that, but with the height limit, I don't see it happening.

  8. Bruno

    There is a Rumor that this Roller Coaster will come to Hopi Hari park in São Paulo-Brazil!

  9. Leoou

    Actually this turns Coaster Hopi Hari …

    Very happy to finally Brazil will have a roller coaster of the same size compared to countries that already demails he possessed great roller coasters!


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