Superman The Escape Six Flags Magic MountainRecently, Brady from the great LA Times Funland Blog got to ride the upgraded Superman The Escape coaster (now Superman Escape from Krypton) at Six Flags Magic Mountain during a preview.

The once record-setting launched shuttle coaster opened in 1997. It featured two tracks that launched cars from zero to 100 mph down a straight track and then up into a 415′ tall pike. As the cars reached the top, riders experienced a moment of weightlessness before plummeting back to the earth and racing back to the station backwards.

For the 2011 upgrade, Superman Escape now features cars turned backwards. Here’s a bit from Brady’s full review of the new ride:

During the ultra-smooth magnetic launch, my body pressed against the new over-the-shoulder restraints as I rocketed backward at 100 mph. Hurtling along the 600-foot-long stretch of flat track, I was never sure when to expect the vertical ascent.

The further we climbed, the more my jaw drew open until my gaping maw turned into a maniacal grin.

Read the full article: Review: Ride reboot at Six Flags Magic Mountain makes Superman coaster twice as good

Also, watch this Superman Escape from Krypton POV video on Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Facebook page. The coaster will officially open on March 19th.

It sounds like this is another successful upgrade for a Six Flags coaster. Although, I do think it might have been better to leave one car facing forward. That way, people would still have an option to ride it either way. Unfortunately, Superman Escape broke down as I was about to ride it when I visited SFMM. So, I’ll never have the chance to experience it in its original form.

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  1. Quil

    The POV seemed realy loud to me. I still think that Six Flags should have left one train facing forward, but I've already made a few comments about that. Hopefully it will be changed, eventualy.

  2. Gearhart

    The insane amount of sustained airtime was the only good thing about the previous incarnation of Superman, but this renovation seems encouraging. Can't wait to hop on this summer

  3. Mark

    I went on the backwards version – never went on the forwards version. The view from the top was nice, but I was shocked at how LOUD the ride was at top speed. I wasn't scared by the physics of the ride but I was concerned about permanent damage to my ears from the excessively loud noise this thing makes. If I ride it again I will bring ear plugs. I've been on over 100 coasters and nothing is even close to the noise this makes, not Top Thrill Dragster, no B&M ride, Volcano, etc.

    I recently rode a 300 foot drop tower and enjoyed it more than this coaster.

  4. Matt

    This ride is nothing more than a pure adrenline ruch for speed junkies! Even in reverse the acceleration just plain old takes your breath away. The only thing faster than this coaster would be Kingda Ka at SFGA.

    A no frills ride that accelerates you to over 100mph and then attempts to fire you into a low earth orbit…One hell of a rush!

    I am wondering if they did sound engineering on this ride to make it sound like a F-18 on takeoff. Yes it is a little on the loud side, but its such a cool sound that it becomes part of the ride experiance.

    I will give this a 7 of 10 because it is a no frills ride for speed junkies, no loops, no turns, no inversions, just plain old speed. Will reccomend this ride to speed junkies and first time riders alike. My daughters first full size coaster was Top thrill dragster and she loved it, she will love this one even more so. Only reason to avoid this ride is if you do not like going fast.

  5. David Oliveto

    Superman is an insanely simple ride, raw speed & excessive NOISE. I asked a ride attendant on “Lex Luthor’s Drop Of Doom” ride how he deals with Superman’s noise. The ride attendant told me that he doesn’t use earplugs. He told me that they would interfere with his communication with the other ride attendants. I wonder how long the ride attendants would last before suffering loss of hearing.


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