Mrs. Coaster Critic Reviews Carowinds’ Snoopy Starlight

Snoopy Starlight Spectacular at CarowindsMy wife was invited to Carowinds’ media event for the new Snoopy Starlight Spectacular. The new attraction features more than a million LED lights covering trees and buildings in the Planet Snoopy area. In order for guests to enjoy the beautiful lights, Carowinds is staying open later (until 10 PM).

Our kids are pretty young (4 and 1), but we may try to stay late at the park once this summer so they can experience it. They turn into gremlins if they’re not in bed by a certain time, but I think they’d love it. It looks cool from my perspective, but for a kid it probably looks pretty darn magical. It almost feels like a regional park trying to infuse some big-time Orlando magic into the park.

Jenn covered it for her site The Charlotte Moms. I highly recommend it for Charlotte-area parents. The site has some great content. And that’s a completely unbiased plug. 🙂

Read her full review of Carowinds Snoopy Starlight Spectacular.
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In a funny coincidence, the event drew some of the area’s most powerful Web people as Lance from ScreamScape attended the event as well. Jenn said she heard herself on his video.

Check out Lance’s video of the Snoopy Starlight Spectacular:

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the Snoopy Starlight Spectacular? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of Barbara Payne Photography.