Apocalypse Stand Up Coaster Coming to Six Flags America in 2012

Six Flags America Removes Skull Mountain for 2012 Attraction

As I reported today on Gadling, Six Flags America (near Washington D.C.) is removing their unique Intamin water ride known as Skull Mountain. I remember it as the Typhoon Sea Coaster when the park was in its Adventure World days. The ride’s like many water flume rides, but it also incorporates roller coaster-like elements. In addition, it had these sections (or just one section, I can’t remember) where the boats were rotated and then you’d continue traveling through the ride backwards. Skull Mountain at Six Flags America

Your last chance to ride Skull Mountain will be July 10th. Read about the special events that park is having to commemorate Skull Mountain’s closing in the full press release.

What will Six Flags America’s 2012 Attraction Be?
The park has shared that they plan to add a new 2012 attraction where Skull Mountain is now. I’m really interested in seeing what the park adds as it’s down to only seven roller coasters after selling and removing the troubled Vekoma shuttle coaster Two Face. The park’s last new roller coaster was Batwing in 2001. That’s an unheard of ten year span without a new coaster!

If the new attraction is a roller coaster, my guess would be a wild mouse or wild mouse-esque coaster in the vein of the (formerly Tony Hawk) Big Spin coasters or SFNE’s Pandemonium. Six Flags America is in a big market, but you wouldn’t know it from visiting the park. For one reason or another locals, even those that didn’t grow up in the area think of Kings Dominion when it comes to amusement parks. I felt like I was sharing a government secret when I told people there’s a theme park only 30 minutes away just east of D.C.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think Six Flags America’s 2012 attraction will be? Do you think it will be a roller coaster? Leave a comment below. [Photo Credit – Flickr user Milst1]