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With the theme park season in full swing, it’s time to once again to list all of the coupons and deals out there. I almost never pay full price admission when I go to theme parks as it’s so easy to find a coupon at a local fast food chain, pharmacy, or grocery store. As I did last year I’m going to devote a space where people can share the theme park deals and coupons that they’ve found.

Here are the coupons that I’ve found recently. Now, it’s up to you to share the deals, discounts, and coupons that you’ve found in your area.

RankNameHeightTheme ParkLocationYear Opened
1stKingda Ka456 feetSix Flags Great AdventureNew Jersey, USA2005
2ndTop Thrill Dragster420 feetCedar PointOhio, USA2003
3rdSuperman: Escape from Krypton415 feetSix Flags Magic MountainCalifornia, USA1997
4thTower of Terror II377.3 feetDreamworldQueensland, Australia1997
5thRed Force367.3 feetFerrari LandSalou, Spain2003
6thFury 325325 feetCarowindsNorth Carolina, USA2015
7thSteel Dragon 2000318.3 feetNagashima Spa LandNagashima, Japan2000
8thMillennium Force310 feetCedar PointOhio, USA2000
9thLeviathan306 feetCanada's WonderlandOntario, Canada2012
10thIntimidator 305305 feetKings DominionVirginia, USA2010
Share theme park discounts that you’ve found by leaving a comment below or by submitting the info here. Let’s see if we can beat the number of deals from last year’s post (17).

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  1. Dorney park discounts you can get almost anywhere. subway and mcdonalds have them alot.

    • Thanks Matt. If you happen to get one let us know the details of the discount.

  2. Nowadays with social media it is good to follow a theme parks twitter or facebook page because they may put deals up on those pages daily

    • Good point Mike.

      • I should also add if you have AAA then it has huge discounts for theme parks. I use AAA more for theme parks than my car. SFA tix for 22.00 and other six flags parks for 30 bucks. U can find discounts for many other parks to like Busch Gardens, Hersheypark, Universal and Dollywood. Don't overlook it if you have AAA.

  3. Coca Cola cans/bottles will almost always give you a discounted ticket to a local Six Flags park.

  4. Well, I'm a big Cedar Point Fan, and I've noticed on their website that Triple A Members can receive discount tickets. I'm not 100% sure It's still going on, but I'll find out when I go for the first time next month.

  5. I've noticed certain packages of cheese have coupons for a free child's admission to any Six Flags park.

    • Any package of Polly-O String Cheese has the coupon. I am unsure of how you redeem it though.

  6. Quil and UnionJack, thanks for the discount tips. Please follow up when you get specifics and I'll add them to the table.

  7. I know Santa's Candy Castle in Santa Claus, IN, still sells the cheapest Holiday World tickets around. They're $36, I think.

  8. In the Baltimore area:

    Rite Aid – 6 Flags coupons

    Subway – HersheyPark Coupons

    Still hunting for Kings Dominion deals


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