Featured Photo #25 – The Hardest Working Mascot

Boom the Troll - Freestyle Music Park

If this image startled you, I apologize. That’s Boom the Troll from Myrtle Beach’s defunct Freestyle Music Park. He wasn’t a well-known mascot, but he was one of the most active I’ve ever seen. His job didn’t end after strolling around the park and posing for photos. Boom tweeted, made YouTube appearances around town, and he even had his own website. In the end, Boom couldn’t drum up enough business to save the park, but you have to respect the big hairy guy’s work ethic. Him and his fairy escorts gave it one heck of an effort.

Mascots are an integral part of most theme parks taking a variety of forms including: cuddly children’s favorites like Elmo and Mickey Mouse, heroic comic book characters like Spider-Man and Batman, and freakish ghouls and zombies. I don’t have a favorite, but my daughter’s been thrilled by encounters with Dora and now the Peanuts characters at my local park. I’d probably be just as thrilled if realistic mascots are going to accompany Universal Studios’ new Transformers dark ride.

What’s Your Take?
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