Survey Markers for Carowinds Rumored 2012 Ride

Carowinds' 2012 Ride Could Be a Huss Giant Frisbee

Today Screamscape reported a survey marker sighting at Carowinds for a rumored 2012 ride near Intimidator, but no one had photos. So I went down to the park after work and saw a number of markers in the grassy field next to Intimidator. They have “HUSS GF” written on them which likely means the park is getting a Huss Giant Frisbee ride. I have to imagine the park wasn’t trying to keep this one a secret with the ride’s make and model so plainly visible. Even if they were, the majority of the public will still be surprised, just not the theme park geeks.

Here are are more pictures of markers and the surrounding area:

And here’s a video of maXair at Cedar Point. It’s a Huss Giant Frisbee (not sure which type though):

Also see Huss’ site to learn about the Giant Frisbee 55 and the Giant Frisbee.

UPDATE – Now a “GCI 2012” survey marker has Theme Park Hype - New Social Link Sharing Websiteappeared at Carowinds as well. The park may be having fun with us, like the White Lightning Spy Photo that was leaked before Intimidator was announced, but it’s kind of odd that they’d actually name a roller coaster design company. It makes more sense to me that they’d be more vague if they were just toying with the fans. According to those who attended Coaster Stock, Carowinds will announce their plans on August 24th. So, we’ll know more soon. See the photo, vote on this story, and submit others at Theme Park Hype.┬áIt’s a new social link sharing site for theme park fans.

What’s Your Take?
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