Is Tremors at Silverwood An Underrated Coaster?Tremors Roller Coaster at Silverwood Theme Park
Silverwood (Athol, Idaho) is the largest theme park in the Northwest. It doesn’t have a very large coaster lineup, but the 1999 CCI woodie, Tremors, seems to be pretty highly regarded. It’s ranked an impressive 9th in the U.S. and 17th in the World in Mitch Hawker’s 2010 Internet Wooden Coaster Poll.

With a unique layout that includes a couple subterranean dives it seems to me that it could be another overlooked diamond in the rough like Alabama Adventure’s Rampage and Hellcat at Timber Falls Adventure Park.

Check out this POV video of Tremors at Silverwood:

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.


Silverwood also has an Arrow looper called Corkscrew, a 1996 CCI called Timber Terror, and Aftershock (formerly Deja Vu at Six Flags Great America). It looks like a nice park.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden Tremors? What did you think? Leave a comment below. Photo credit – Silverwood’s Facebook Page

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  1. Quil

    It looks prettey fun. Hopefuly someone will leave a review in the comments.

  2. coasterer22

    seems like another good CCI woodie… if only i lived in idaho…

  3. Prof.BAM

    4 subterranean descents. When will an entire coaster be located beneath the dirt?

  4. Steve

    Tremors is awesome! A very wicked ride.

    One tunnel takes you right through the gift shop.

    The other woodie, Timber Terror is decent, too. It's a standard out and back. We were waiting in line and someone blew chunks getting off of it.

    I was up there last July visiting friends, and, as I tell them, having coasters nearby greatly increases the chances of a visit.

  5. Steve

    I should add, the only downside to the two woodies there is that they are single-train coasters.

    Also, THE first corkscrew from Knott's is there as well and is in decent shape.

  6. Gearhart

    This is one of my favorite woodies out there, it runs nice and smooth for a 12 year old wooden ride, the first drop is among the best out there going straight down into gift shop, it's completely unrelenting in that it has no mcbr and only has a couple moments to allow you catch your breath, and the leap frogging from one tunnel to the next over the walkways below are phenomenal with the airtime/headchopper's coming rapid fire. As Steve said the downside is single train operation which can push the waits to a painful 45 minutes to an hour on weekends easily. Overall though it's an excellent ride at a great little park that I try to make the five hour drive across Washington for at least once a year. Of note, there is an excellent sustained pop of ejector air in the front seat on the first camelback and night rides are insane.

  7. Mark

    Tremors is excellent. It has some "topper track" on the main curved section and the curve at the far end of the course, so it runs relatively smooth considering how aggressive the course is. Lots of air time in the front and the back. Night rides are spectacular. The tunnels keep in cool air on a hot day. One of the best wooden coasters I've been on (my "credit" count is 164). It's a toss up for me whether Tremors or Magic Mountain's Terminator Apocalypse is the best wooden coaster in the Western United States. Tremors is much better than the CCI coaster at Knotts, although I haven't been on CCI's last creation in New Mexico.

    The adjacent Timber Terror is going to have some "topper track" added for the 2012 season. It's got good air time but the turn around curve needs some work, and there is a pothole in the track at the bottom of the first drop (ie. where the trains go the fastest). It's not quite as great as Tremors but it's a good ride, too.

  8. rick casemore

    I was a ride operator at Silverwood for the 2011 season. Tremors is SPECTACULAR!! if I say so myself. All of the comments are true, it's a great classic woodie, with 4 tunnels. A camera takes your picture just before tunnel number 3, and you can view or purchase a photo of yourself in the gift show as you exit. The first drop is steep and blasts you through the gift shop at 65 mph. At about a mile and a quarter in length, the ride lasts slightly over a minute, including the ride up the chain. Yes, the lines on the weekends can be long, but it's worth the wait. We have visitors from all over the country, and Europe too. North Idaho is a beautiful place to vacation too, and Silverwood has it's own RV park on the property. Check it out!

  9. Mark says that Tremors is 3,000 feet long, not a mile and a quarter.

    Aftershock goes about 65 mph, but it has a much higher drop than Tremors. rcdb claims Tremors goes about 60 mph but with a 100 foot drop this might be generous.

    I hope Silverwood considers adding a second train for Tremors at some point, waiting nearly an hour for a ride was a bit long.

  10. Michael

    Tremors is amazing!! Plus it's got the new topper track from RMC on the main rough spots of the ride. You should visit! Silverwoods kept the original corkscrew in great condition and timber terror is fun too.mMajor plus, the gotta A VEKOMA G.I.B THAT WORKS!!!!!!! I know it's unbelievable, but it hardly breaks down, EVER!!!!! You need to visit Silverwood!

  11. Scott (WA)

    Tremors is a great coaster, one of the greatest wooden coasters I've ridden. The Boss @ 6-Flags in St Louis is the only one that I like more. The Beast at Kings Island only competes with it because it is such a long ride.

  12. Marc

    I lived in Coeur d’ Alene for the first ten years of Tremor’s life, but I grew up in PA and now live in FL so I’m no stranger to big parks. Silverwood is an excellent little park; well-run, clean, and inexpensive. The food is terrible. Tremors and Timber Terror are excellent rides, especially in the back seats. It’s hard to get night rides because the park hours are limited and the summer days in North Idaho are long. If you go in the summer, the one-train wait is hot and long. On fringe-season weekends you can sometimes re-ride as much as you want. My last visit was on a Halloween fright night, and my partner and I stayed till closing. We rode in the backseat of Tremors on an empty train on the last ride at midnight. That was incredible.

  13. Cassie Merryman

    I must be the only person who had this issue but the first time I rode tremors was the last time I rode it. It thrashed me around so bad it literally gave me a whip-lashed concussion (meaning it gave me the equivalent symptoms of shaken baby syndrome) I had the worlds most awful headache, I was so dizzy i couldnt walk and I was throwing up every 5 minutes for the rest of the day. My parents finally decided they should probably take me to the hospital after the 4th time I threw up within 20 minutes. I know everyone is different but i have been on many different coasters and that is the first time in my life that i have experienced something like that. So I definitely would not recommend it, especially for young kids.


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