Canada’s Wonderland to Add Leviathan, A Giga Roller Coaster in 2012
leviathan-canadas-wonderland-2012-roller-coaster-4Canada’s Wonderland will be going big for 2012 with Leviathan a 306-foot tall monster of a roller coaster. Leviathan joins the park’s 2008 hyper coaster Behemoth giving the park a 1-2 punch of extreme size and speed akin to Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200 & Millennium Force combo. Leviathan will be 76 feet taller than Behemoth and it will reach speeds of 90 mph. Its height qualifies it as a Giga coaster joining a small club of continuous circuit roller coasters in the 300 foot tall range that includes Kings Domionion’s Intimidator 305, Millennium Force at Cedar Point and Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land.

Who knew that we’d see another giga coaster so soon after last year’s Intimidator 305? Like that roller coaster, Leviathan’s course seems to emphasize speed over airtime. With a top speed 90 mph, there’s sure to be plenty of speed to go around. The differetiantion is a good idea as Behemoth’s layout is packed with airtime hills while Leviathan appears to have only two. The image below shows Leviathan’s layout:leviathan-layout-canadas-wonderland-2012-roller-coaster

Bolliger & Mabillard  Reach New Heights
For years fans have wondered if we’d see a giga coaster from B&M. Some had even wondered if the company was capable of delivering one. A fan asked about rumored height limits of what B&M coasters during a Q&A session with Bob Mampe from B&M last summer at Carowinds’ CoasterStock. It wasn’t that the company was incapable of going higher, it’s probably more on the end of what the parks wanted. Mr. Mampe stated that while there was likely a height limit, they didn’t know what it was. Read more from the Q&A with Bolliger & Mabillard’s Bob Mampe.

My Take – Passport Please!
Canada’s Wonderland was already near the top of the list for parks that I’ve been meaning to visit. With announcement of Leviathan for 2012, I think it’s catapulted to number 1. With the addition of this massive coaster, Cedar Fair could be creating a Cedar Point north of the border. The Vaughan, Ontario, theme park will now boast 16 roller coasters putting it almost at Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain’s totals. Years ago, a Carowinds rep shared that Charlotte (Carowinds) and Toronto (Canada’s Wonderland) were the two metropolitan areas that Cedar Fair wanted to invest in as they were growth markets. Since then, we’ve seen that plan play out. Later this week, we’ll hear what Carowinds has planned for 2012 as well.

Check out these videos of Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland:

Visit Canada’s Wonderland’s Leviathan mini site for more information.

What’s Your Take?
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49 Responses

  1. Max

    If you go to, on the construction thread page 27, you can see the first drop and lift are almost done and the brake run is done.


    I just want to clear a few things up. It may seem like a 'simple' coaster but this ride is implementing some new technologies never seen in rides of this caliber. for starters, the chain system is built directly into the lift hill, meaning the chain moves through the supporting track. The way the first drop is designed, from a visual standpoint, on the way down you cannot see any structural steel holding the track up, giving you the feeling the track is floating in air. The main track box (square under box unique to B&M) is an actual support column to hold the lift hill up. see pic ( same thing goes at the bottom of the lift hill. Only two massive A-frame supports hold the entire 300+ feet.

    As for the break run, seems dull, but the sole purpose is mainly for maintenance on the trains. If the layout was any longer there would be more down time on the trains due to wheels etc wearing out. Never before has a B&M train traveled on course with such speed.

    In the long run B&M is always testing out new tech in their rides. I'm sure future B&M giga's will be even more outstanding. This ride will be amazing no doubt.

  3. Max

    It has been topped off and it looks great! I wonder if because the chain is going through the track if they will be able to make the chain go faster.

  4. Chris

    At first I was a little dissapointed… dont get me wrong a B&M Giga is awesome!!… but the layout could've been better. Its built on what seems like a skinny piece of land so they didnt have much to work with, but still, maybe a better ending? However, now that the lift/drop is done, I'm sooo excited and I understand why Wonderland went with a giga rather than an invert or an intamin blitz…. that drop is so intimidating and HUGE!! (Yes, I know, thats what she said)


    this ride is amazing, just rode it one saturday for the first time! its worth the hour and half wait time!!!!!!


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