Six Flags Magic Mountain to Boast World’s Tallest Vertical Drop RideLex Luthor Drop of Doom - World's Tallest Drop Ride - Six Flags Magic MountainYesterday Six Flags Magic Mountain announced Lex Luthor Drop of Doom. Using Superman Escape From Krypton’s tower structure the ride will take guests up to an unprecedented height of 400 feet. This will make it the World’s tallest vertical drop ride. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s press release has more:

Fearless riders will be seated inside floorless gondolas on two vertical tracks flanking each side of the SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton tower. Passengers on the gondolas will be pulled to the top of the tower, experience a brief pause before being released and dropped at speeds of up to 85 miles-per-hour. After five seconds of freefall, the gondola will be stopped by a sophisticated magnetic braking system just a few feet from the ground. – Six Flags Press Release

Here’s a video previewing Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Lex Luthor Drop of Doom:

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  1. Prof.BAM

    I'm more interested in seeing what goes in Deja Vu's place since it is now Goliath at New England. Wing or Dive coaster? and the first image here looks like a CGi image was photoshopped onto google earth.

  2. Matt

    Wow, does Magic Mountain ever cease providing thrills? This year was green lantern and Superman (cars facing backwards), and now next year is the world's largest drop tower! SFMM looks awesome! I might be going in 2 years(2013), and I am glad this is here! Ive always wanted to ride the worlds largest drop tower in Australia, but now there is this which is even bigger and easier to get to. Can't wait to go to SFMM!

  3. L.J.

    VERY impressed with SFMM as of late they really are reacking on the thrills and trying to dominate over Cedar point this is a good move for them! Now personally I will get on any 400 foot roller coaster but NEVER a free fall (except acrophobia) and especially not this one. I will watch this one from the side too much even for me! 😛

  4. Quil

    This looks awsome, I always thought that it would be cool if they put a drop ride on the side of S:EfK. I didn't know if it was actualy possible though.

  5. coasterer22

    I think it's clever of Six Flags to combine two rides. Its a good space saver, plus this drop tower looks insane!

  6. Gearhart

    Sign me up! This looks intense, plus the sway of the tower as Superman launches should be fairly nerve racking. 'bout time this happened!!

  7. Rosie

    we tried lex luthor and I was more scared going up then coming down, it barely felt like anything when I opened my eyes I was like

    That was it? I didn’t feel that. I’ve had better drop rides at at the local carnival, in fact the old Freefall had more of a bite to it.


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