Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s New 2012 Roller Coaster – Superman Ultimate Flight

Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Discovery KingdomSix Flags Discovery Kingdom (San Francisco Bay area) announced Superman Ultimate Flight as their 2012 roller coaster. Unlike Six Flags’ Superman Ultimate Flight flying roller coasters at other parks, Discovery Kingdom’s will be a launched roller coaster where riders will travel a short (863 foot), but twisted course. It will boast a top speed of 65 mph and one of the tallest inversions in the World at 150 feet in the air. Superman Ultimiate Flight is reminiscent of Magic Spring’s X Coaster, but unlike that ride it will be designed by Premier Rides.
Here’s a video previewing Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster:

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What’s Your Take?
I’ll be adding my take in the coming days, but what do you think of this new coaster for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom? Leave a comment below and vote in this first impression poll.[poll id=”47″]

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