Family Dryer - Amusement Parks

Featured Photo #30 – Full Body Drying Booths

Family Dryer - Amusement Parks
The Family That Dries Together?
Maybe you’ve noticed these nifty family-sized dryers at your local theme park. Maybe you’ve even used one. I think they’re a neat idea. Some people don’t want to walk around the park after they’ve been soaked by a log flume or some other water ride; especially if it happens to be a chilly day.

Haystack makes these ‘drying booths’ and you can find them at theme parks all over the World. The photo above is of a dryer at my home park Carowinds. Guests pay a seemingly hefty $5 price, but when you consider that they can fit up to five people, it could actually pretty cost effective.

What’s Your Take?
Anyone try one of these drying booths? Did it work? Was it worth it? Leave a comment below.

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