Theme Park Geekly Launches with Lance from Screamscape & the Best Halloween Haunts

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posted on the blog in quite some time. Tonight, you can finally see what I’ve been upTheme Park Geekly - First Issue to. My new theme park community magazine, Theme Park Geekly, is now live! It sounds weird to call it mine. While I created it, organized it, and edited the articles it has been my biggest joint project ever. The site is truly a community project.

First, I want to thank Lance from Screamscape for taking time out his insanely busy schedule to give us all a look behind the scenes of his hugely popular site. He answers questions like: the most surprising news that he’s broken, how he deals with the influx of rumors and leads he gets, what he does outside of theme parks and what his ideal theme park would look like.

Read the full cover story: What It’s Like to Be Lance: The Man Behind Screamscape

I also want to thank the contributors to the site’s premiere issue.

Theme Park Experts Talk Halloween Haunts
Thanks to Katie and Rick from ThrillNetwork. TN’s Rick asked DAFE founder Rick Davis for his 5 favorite Halloween Haunts – A Halloween Haunt Interview with Rick Davis from the Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts

Rick from Theme Park Adventure gives us the most important elements of a good Halloween Haunt. – 3 Things a Good Halloween Haunt Must Have

The Premiere Issue’s Other Articles
Joey from Theme Park Thoughts addressed a mystery that’s been causing me to scratch my head for years. – 3 Reasons Why the United Kingdom Hasn’t Built a Wooden Coaster in Years

Nick from Coaster101 wrote an article that details how dueling roller coasters work and shares his take on the recent news that Universal’s Dragon Challenge will never duel again – Taking the Duel Out of the Dragons

Kurt from The Coaster Guy gave us a fun trip report from his experience taking his family on the Discover Coaster to Coaster Six Flags Tour – Trip Report from a Dream Vacation: Six Flags Roller Coaster Tour

In addition to the articles mentioned above, I interviewed John Hunt, creator of some pretty amazing roller coaster models. I also wrote about Why I Think a Theme Park Reality Show Would Be Great. And lastly, a long time reader of the blog, helped compile the debut of the site’s Geek Speak feature. Each issue will contain a Geek Speak post that aggregates reactions to news stories from across the Web. The first edition covers reactions to Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s announcment of Verbolten.

What’s Your Take?
Check out Theme Park Geekly and let me know what you think. Leave a comment here and chime in on the articles on Geekly too.