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Geek Speak Issue 4 Theme Park Geekly

[boxparagraph]Geek Speak is a special feature that will present the opinions of theme park fans on a specific topic or news story. Every issue we’ll highlight the buzz and reactions (both positive & negative) to give an overview of how news is being received. Every effort will be taken to attempt to present a variety of opinions from a variety of sources.[/boxparagraph]

[intro-paragraph]This edition of Geek Speak includes coverage and commentary on the 2011 IAAPA Attractions Expo.[/intro-paragraph]

“This year’s event ran Nov. 14-18 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, and it saw a 5-percent increase to 15,300 attendees, compared with 14,600 attendees at the 2010 event”, Rachel Wimberly

Robb Alvey from

“And the games just get bigger, with this larger than life version of Connect 4.”

“This ride vehicle was free-roaming, moving around the wood floor guided only by lasers on each side – no track.”
IAAPA 2011 - Mack Exhibit
“Mack unveiled the train from their latest product at IAAPA: Manta. Manta recently has it’s first piece of track installed at Seaworld San Diego a few weeks ago. Shortly after the convention is over, the train will be shipped out to California and will eventually launch riders.”, Racheal

“Looking down an avenue of the stuffed animal suppliers section. It’s a wonder that these suppliers didn’t loose their wares to the hundreds of kids prowling the expo floor”, Sasha Rosen


“Coca-Cola brought the Freestyle back to IAAPA, plus other Coke products, including Fuze, Vitamin Water, and a few others. One notable point is the Freestyle Machine. The machine now comes in a sleek black, possibly to represent Coke Zero, and it also comes with a total of 125 different products. During last year’s Expo, Coke only offered 106 different products.”, Racheal

Visit the official site to learn more about IAAPA 2011.
Also, read Rick West’s article: A First-Timer’s Adventures at IAAPA 2011
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