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[intro-paragraph]This edition of Geek Speak includes coverage and commentary on the 2011 IAAPA Attractions Expo.[/intro-paragraph]

“This year’s event ran Nov. 14-18 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, and it saw a 5-percent increase to 15,300 attendees, compared with 14,600 attendees at the 2010 event”
-tsnn.com, Rachel Wimberly

Robb Alvey from ThemeParkReview.com

“And the games just get bigger, with this larger than life version of Connect 4.”

“This ride vehicle was free-roaming, moving around the wood floor guided only by lasers on each side – no track.”
IAAPA 2011 - Mack Exhibit
“Mack unveiled the train from their latest product at IAAPA: Manta. Manta recently has it’s first piece of track installed at Seaworld San Diego a few weeks ago. Shortly after the convention is over, the train will be shipped out to California and will eventually launch riders.”
-BehindTheThrills.com, Racheal

“Looking down an avenue of the stuffed animal suppliers section. It’s a wonder that these suppliers didn’t loose their wares to the hundreds of kids prowling the expo floor”
-entertainmentdesigner.com, Sasha Rosen


“Coca-Cola brought the Freestyle back to IAAPA, plus other Coke products, including Fuze, Vitamin Water, and a few others. One notable point is the Freestyle Machine. The machine now comes in a sleek black, possibly to represent Coke Zero, and it also comes with a total of 125 different products. During last year’s Expo, Coke only offered 106 different products.”
-BehindTheThrills.com, Racheal

Visit the official site to learn more about IAAPA 2011.
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Image courtesy of Rick West (ThemeParkAdventure.com)

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