New Wild Eagle Construction Photos

Dollywood’s Wild Eagle Looks Awesome
Dollywood recently posted new construction photos of their 2012 wing roller coaster, Wild Eagle. Here are some of the photos that they’ve posted on their Facebook page and on

Wild Eagle looks incredible! The idea of flying out on the edge a wing coaster in this wooded mountainous terrain is the reason Wild Eagle is very close to the top of my most anticipated 2012 roller coasters. With only 56 days until its projected opening (according to the countdown clock on Dollywood’s site), I’m getting really excited about this ride. I live about 4 hours from the park and I’m hoping to make it over there for the opening.

The next milestone to look for will be the first shots of the ride’s entire eagle-themed trains. This postshows pieces of the train, but they haven’t revealed the whole train yet. And then, if we’re lucky, Dollywood will tease us with a test run video or two. In case you’re not familiar with this ride, here’s a virtual ride video:

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Wild Eagle looks? Leave a comment below. All images courtesy of Dollywood’s Facbook page and