2012 Theme Park Travel Plans

2012 Theme Park Trips – Where Are You Going?

Going for the Giga – 2012 Theme Park Travel Plans
Leviathan - Canadas Wonderland - Giga CoasterI thought that it might be a bit early to write this post, but I’m sure many of the hardcore enthusiasts out there already have some kind of idea of which theme parks they’re targeting for 2012. And, believe it or not, theme parks will start to open for the season in about a month. In my neck of the woods, Dollywood opens March 24th and my home park, Carowinds (boasting a nice new website!), opens on March 31st.

With so many new roller coasters opening in 2012, picking which new ride to target is tough. Right now, I’m planning to take my first coaster trip to another country as I head to Canada to take on the formidable 1-2 punch of Leviathan and Behemoth, and the rest of Canada’s Wonderland. If I can I’ll include other parks on both sides of the border. On the Canadian side, there’s2012 Theme Park Travel Plans Marineland with it’s 5,500 foot long Arrow terrain looper Dragon Mountain. On the U.S. side, I’ve visited Waldameer and Darien Lake a number of times, but I haven’t been to smaller parks Seabreeze and Martin’s Fantasy Island.

And, I’m too close to Dollywood and Busch Gardens Williamsburg to not make the drive to experience Verbolten and Wild Eagle. Also, I’m looking forward to visiting Carowinds to see whether I have any acrophobia whatsoever on their new Windseeker. I’d love to make it out to Chicago for X-Flight and up to Hersheypark for Skyrush, but I’m not sure it’ll be in the cards this year.

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What’s Your Take?
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