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Full Throttle – Magic Mountain’s Rumored 2013 Roller Coaster

UPDATE 8/30 –Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Full Throttle has been announced. See a video, images, and more here.

The LA Times Funland Blog reported yesterday that Six Flags Magic Mountain may have something large in store for 2013. A loop to be specific. The rumored ride’s details are based on a supposed leak that occurred during Theme Park Review’s West Coast Bash. A mechanic told attendees about the 2013 ride. According to the information he shared, the roller coaster will be a multi-launch roller coaster that will incorporate the park’s hilly terrain and Metro monorail tunnel. It’s said that it will also include a record-setting loop and possibly record-setting length. Also, a post on Six Flags’ Facebook page announced it would be called Full Throttle, but the post has since been removed.

Here’s what one of the TPR members overheard:

We were also talking with him while Apocalypse was broken down (they were having a computer issue – it was saying the train was going too fast when entering the station), and boarded shortly after he started talking about the new ride, so I missed some of what he said (I didn’t hear much about the actual layout, using the tunnel, or where he said it would have a length record). Anyways, what I heard from him was that it was still in the design phase, but would be in the 6000 ft length range, would have three magnetic launches, and would claim the record for the world’s tallest loop. After hearing what Tim and Neal had to say on the subject, it all seemed pretty plausible (huge = long length, record breaking = giant loop and/or reclaiming coaster record, and both made a point of mentioning that the design was still in progress). Tim and Neal also mentioned that they were clearing out monorail track from the tunnel, which would fit with the ride using that feature.

Read Theme Park Review’s message board including two accounts of the details that were leaked.
Read LA Times full article: Six Flags Magic Mountain spills plans for record-setting coaster

My Take – A Solid Rumor That I Hope Is True
I wouldn’t have come across this Full Throttle rumor if the LA Times hadn’t picked it up. And, I’ve seen other theme park fan sites have just started reporting it as well. Some are surprised that a rumor was picked up by a national media outlet, Superman Krypton Coaster - Fiesta Texas - Six Flagsbut it’s not as uncommon as you think. How many rumored news stories are there out there right now about which team Peyton Manning will play for next?

And, while it’s a rumored ride, this rumor’s maybe a just a notch above the typical fiction from the obligatory Dippin’ Dots guy:
1) More than one poster on TPR witnessed the leak
2) The rumored ride is in line with the hints that the park has been dropping

We won’t likely know anything for sure for months as Six Flags told Brady MacDonald, who wrote the article, that they won’t be making any 2013 announcements until the end of the summer. Meanwhile, Lance from ScreamScape mentioned a possible July 4th announcement.

I’m hoping that this is more than just a rumor. For a theme park with such a varied line up of thrill rides and roller coasters, a ride like this is about the only thing missing. If the rumor pans out to be true, it’s exactly the type of ride I’d love to see. I’ve yet to ride Maverick and Cheetah Hunt, but I’d have to think that a coaster with these types of elements has the potential to top both of them.

A World’s tallest loop record is just a way of building some buzz with the general public. Currently the World’s tallest vertical loop is found on Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ Superman Krypton Coaster. More hype could be generated if Cedar Point doesn’t add a coaster in 2013 as this coaster would be the Magic Mountain’s 18th, putting it once again as the sole record holder for the most roller coasters. And, length records like the longest launch coaster or longest steel coaster in the U.S. could be attainable for a coaster at the rumored length.

All records aside though, Full Throttle’s powerful launches, terrain layout, and rumored 6,000 feet of track are what would draw me 2,000 miles across the country.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of this rather interesting rumor? Leave a comment below.