X-Flight’s ‘Test Flight’ Video

Six Flags Great America has posted a test video of X-Flight. My pick for the most anticipated new roller coaster is looking pretty good.

It’ll be cool to see how this ride all comes together once the flight tower, fog, and water canons have been integrated. It looks a little slow, but larger trains often look a lot slower than they are. Also, those inversions don’t need a lot of speed to be fun. I think they’ll actually be more fun if you have a chance to get a little bit of a hang during them.

X-Flight Layout - Six Flags Great America Roller Coaster

I received an invite for X-Flight’s media day, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make it. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing this ride open next month. Read why I picked X-Flight as my top new coaster for 2012.

Visit Six Flags Great America’s X-Flight page.

What’s Your Take?
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