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Thunder Dolphin Looks Like Urban Coaster Goodness!
I’ve always been a fan of terrain coasters as they utilize the unique layout of the land that they sit on. A roller coaster like Thunder Dolphin uses the man-made terrain of Tokyo as riding along the top of buildings and diving down through a cut-out in one, and then flying through the hub of a Ferris wheel.

Thunder Dolphin Roller Coaster - TokyoThunder Dolphin Roller Coaster - Tokyo

As I’ve argued in the past, every major city should have a signature roller coaster right in the heart of the town. Tokyo’s got there’s. Well, RCDB shows Thunder Dolphin as SBNO (standing but not operating), but let’s hope that it’ll be back up and running soon.

While Robb doesn’t sound too impressed in the video. Maybe the ride’s atmosphere adds a lot too it. Maybe it doesn’t. I think Thunder Dolphin looks cool. Besides it’s the closest thing we have to this fictional coaster weaving it’s away across a city in: The Best Roller Coaster Commercial Ever

Here’s a POV video of Thunder Dolphin:

Note – This video was filmed by the park. For safety reasons, pleaseDO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

What’s your take? Leave a comment below. Also see: Top 3 Urban Roller Coasters
Image 1 via cc Flickr user – Freakazoid!, Image 2 via cc Flickr user – sweet_redbird