Full Throttle Roller Coaster Coming to Magic Mountain in 2013

Today, Six Flags Magic Mountain confirmed their rumored 2013 roller coaster with the announcement of Full Throttle. The record-setting triple-launch roller coaster will boast the tallest loop in the World at 160 feet (currently the record is held by Superman Krytpon Coaster’s 145 foot tall loop).
Full Throttle - Six Flags Magic Mountain - 2013 Roller CoasterFull Throttle - Six Flags Magic Mountain - 2013 Roller Coaster

Multi-Launch, Record Setting Steel Looper

The Premier Rides-designed roller coaster will be powered by a magnetic propulsion system that will launch riders into the massive vertical loop. Then, the ride will traverse a dive loop (one of my favorite inversions), that’ll end with the train being dropped into a tunnel. The train will come to a stop and then riders will be launched backwards. Without enough momentum to climb that previous dive loop, the train will fall back into the tunnel where the third launch will rocket the train out of the other side of the tunnel. Next, riders will climb the giant top hat hill wrapped over the vertical loop. It sounds like the ride winds down after that.

Full Throttle will once again put Six Flags Magic Mountain ahead of Cedar Point in terms of coaster count. Magic Mountain will have 18 roller coasters to Cedar Point’s 16 (including GateKeeper).

Here’s a video of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Full Throttle:

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My Take – Full Throttle Could Be Magic Mountain’s Answer to Maverick

With Magic Mountain’s varied and large arsenal of roller coasters, there weren’t too many coaster types left. A multi-launch looping coaster like Full Throttle was a good choice. To me, the “World’s Tallest Loop” title isn’t all that impressive, but I know that theme parks need their superlatives to market rides. I will say that the historical connection is cool from a geeky standpoint as Magic Mountain is the park that brought us the first modern vertical loop in Revolution.

Some are commenting that it looks a bit short, but I don’t think it will feel short. Eventful rides (X-Flight for example) always feel longer than they actually are and Full Throttle looks very eventful.

The comparisons to Cedar Point’s Maverick will be inevitable as that ride has multiple launches and a tunnel. While I haven’t ridden Maverick, I’d have to say that Maverick looks like it may be a more complete coaster. But, Six Flags will definitely succeed in their efforts of providing a new roller coaster that’ll excite coaster enthusiasts and the general public alike. The massive vertical loop-top hat combo looks like a unique and dramatic signature element.

What’s your take on Full Throttle? How does it look to you? Leave a comment below and vote in this first impression poll. [poll id=”82″]

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25 Responses

  1. Jeff

    Looks pretty good to me. I like the vertical loop / high hat combination structure. It looks like it’s built into the terrain pretty well. I do think stopping in the tunnel and launching backwards into the dive loop is a bit gimmicky, will mess up the pacing, and reduce capacity.

    • CoasterCritic

      You're right. That's a pretty good assessment. It's almost like those rides were warm ups for this one.

  2. SwimFreak

    The loop looks amazing! And a backwards lanch will be cool especially for the back seat, if it gets to the flip a bit! But, over all the ride seam pretty short out and back coaster. Also, hopefully cedar point will add even more roller coasters in the comeing years to take back the title.

  3. Mike M.

    Looks pretty cool. I wonder how powerful the launches are. That probably makes a bit of difference in how thrilling the ride can be. My hope would be that last launch is powerful enough for you to be able to catch some good airtime while going over the giant top hat!

  4. Dillon

    It looks way to short. But the premier-built trains are fantastic, gotta love the lap bars they have. But overall looks like a fun ride, but nothing outstanding.

  5. Cpguy

    It looks just okay because it's short with one or two good parts. Nothing really wows me about this coaster. It think that this wasn't an epic answer to Maverick. It looks fun but not as good as maverick. Cedar Point will reclaim most coasters I think. GateKeeper looks better to me.

  6. jack sprat

    There is going to be an incredibly long wait for this ride. As if the line for X2 isn't long enough, now this…

  7. @mattmcirvin

    Not sure how I feel about this on the whole, but I like that Premier is doing some things we really haven't seen before.

    The whole idea of forwards and backwards launches with intentional "rollback" moments (but in a complete-circuit coaster) seems to be turning into their new signature innovation. The SFDK Superman coaster was sort of that crossed with a Maurer Sohne Skyloop; now they're doing it with a more traditional track layout, but with colossal inversions.

  8. Surya

    It looks quite short and uneventful. And, as mentioned, the backwards launch is an unnecessary gimmick. I hope I'm wrong, but it doesn't look all that great.

  9. JacknRochNY

    Actually the backwards launch is a necessary gimmick. I've heard that the length of track within the tunnel is not long enough to launch a train from initial velocity of zero (due to LIM length required) to get it all the way back thru the layout. The backward launch provides an initial kinetic energy on the follow thru forward pass. The added thrill of a slight backward launch is an added "bonus".

  10. Matt

    It looks cool to me! It isn't the long and eventful launch coaster like Maverick thatI thought it would be, but it is certainly unique! I like that they stop you in the tunnel and you wait a few moments before launching backwards then forward. I love tunnels with fog (the animation showed fog) and being in one for more than just a split second sounds cool. The big loop and top hat combo look very good, i've never seen anything like that before. Looks good but not as great as I thought it would be. Still looks fun though.

  11. James

    Oh boy, Gatekeeper you need to be good cause this looks awesome. Gatekeeper looks better but Full Throttle looks really cool too! Has anyone else noticed that Gatekeeper’s spiral has an almost 90 degree angle. Or am I just seeing things.

  12. Oblivieon

    I've been really impressed with Premier lately. They've really stepped it up. This ride looks great and should be really fun. I agree with the Coaster Critic in that Magic Mountain has almost every imaginable type of coaster. It's getting harder and harder to build anything new and exciting, Although I guess that's a pretty good problem to have! I would really like to see Magic Mountain do two things. I'd love to see some kind of launched invert like Volcano and I'd love to see some kind of terrain woodie.

  13. @BodyBldrMarcus

    The "Top Hat" feature of this ride is what I think will truly set it apart from any other ride out right now. I may have to take a flight over SFMM to see how this ride gets down next year!

  14. Alex Fahner

    I’m disappointed by this. I expected more. It looks like a good quality coaster but it’s not great.


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