Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces Full Throttle

Full Throttle Roller Coaster Coming to Magic Mountain in 2013

Today, Six Flags Magic Mountain confirmed their rumored 2013 roller coaster with the announcement of Full Throttle. The record-setting triple-launch roller coaster will boast the tallest loop in the World at 160 feet (currently the record is held by Superman Krytpon Coaster’s 145 foot tall loop).
Full Throttle - Six Flags Magic Mountain - 2013 Roller CoasterFull Throttle - Six Flags Magic Mountain - 2013 Roller Coaster

Multi-Launch, Record Setting Steel Looper

The Premier Rides-designed roller coaster will be powered by a magnetic propulsion system that will launch riders into the massive vertical loop. Then, the ride will traverse a dive loop (one of my favorite inversions), that’ll end with the train being dropped into a tunnel. The train will come to a stop and then riders will be launched backwards. Without enough momentum to climb that previous dive loop, the train will fall back into the tunnel where the third launch will rocket the train out of the other side of the tunnel. Next, riders will climb the giant top hat hill wrapped over the vertical loop. It sounds like the ride winds down after that.

Full Throttle will once again put Six Flags Magic Mountain ahead of Cedar Point in terms of coaster count. Magic Mountain will have 18 roller coasters to Cedar Point’s 16 (including GateKeeper).

Here’s a video of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Full Throttle:

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My Take – Full Throttle Could Be Magic Mountain’s Answer to Maverick

With Magic Mountain’s varied and large arsenal of roller coasters, there weren’t too many coaster types left. A multi-launch looping coaster like Full Throttle was a good choice. To me, the “World’s Tallest Loop” title isn’t all that impressive, but I know that theme parks need their superlatives to market rides. I will say that the historical connection is cool from a geeky standpoint as Magic Mountain is the park that brought us the first modern vertical loop in Revolution.

Some are commenting that it looks a bit short, but I don’t think it will feel short. Eventful rides (X-Flight for example) always feel longer than they actually are and Full Throttle looks very eventful.

The comparisons to Cedar Point’s Maverick will be inevitable as that ride has multiple launches and a tunnel. While I haven’t ridden Maverick, I’d have to say that Maverick looks like it may be a more complete coaster. But, Six Flags will definitely succeed in their efforts of providing a new roller coaster that’ll excite coaster enthusiasts and the general public alike. The massive vertical loop-top hat combo looks like a unique and dramatic signature element.

What’s your take on Full Throttle? How does it look to you? Leave a comment below and vote in this first impression poll. [poll id=”82″]

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