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Whizzer - Six Flags Great America

After hundreds of roller coasters and dozens of amusement parks, the thing that keeps me going is my desire for new experiences. Not necessarily more intense thrills. As such, Whizzer was a highlight of my trip to Six Flags Great America as it definitely provided a new and unique experience.

I’d been told that Whizzer was a must ride and I can see why. The 1976 Schwarzkopf Whizzer - Six Flags Great America - StationJumbo Jet coaster has a rare spiral lift hill and bobsled-like trains. The ride is nestled in a wooded area in Six Flags Great America’s Hometown Square section. To my surprise and delight, Whizzer uses its natural terrain almost playing the role of a mine train coaster in the Great America’s lineup.

The ride starts with that odd electric spiral lift hill. Instead of the typical clickety-clack, you get a loud mechanized hum as you wind your way upward. At the top, you’re faced with one of the most gently sloped first drops in all of coasterdom. Whizzer’s a family coaster coaster, so the gentle drop is appropriate. At the bottom of the drop the ride eventually picks up some good speed. You’re thrown around a little bit, but overall the Whizzer is fun and not too rough.

At 3,100 feet long, it’s a decent-sized roller coaster, but it feels even longer because you go places; another advantage of terrain roller coasters. You whiz by trees, over a creek, all the way down to the ground, etc. The highlight occurs after the second drop. The train banks hard and low to the right as you wind your way around hill. Speeding along the ground felt especially fast with all of that green scenery moving by you.

In my opinion, every amusement park should have a multi-generational crowd-pleaser like Whizzer. It’s a fun and unique terrain ride that’s definitely worth a ride when you visit Six Flags Great America. Final Rating – 7.0 (Good)

Traditional Roller Coasters - Fun For AllWhizzer is rated TR for Traditional. It’s a 2 out of 5 on my¬†Thrill Scale. It’s a good roller coaster for novices and kids working their up to more adventurous rides.

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