Six Flags Mexico Announces The Joker for 2013

Six Flags Mexico 2013 Roller Coaster - The JokerSix Flags Mexico recently announced their 2013 roller coaster, The Joker. I’d link to the press release, but I fear that most of my readers won’t be able to understand it. The Joker looks to be a well-themed conversion of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Pandemonium. The Gerstlauer Spinning coaster debuted at that park in 2008, and now it’s making its way south to Mexico City.

Here’s an animated video of how The Joker will look:

After looking at this video, I’m wondering why the similar Pandemonium rides aren’t Joker-themed as well. I assume that it was¬†probably¬†just cheaper to give them a generic theme after they had their Tony Hawk branding removed. Anyway, I was really impressed by Six Flags New England’s Pandemonium. These rides are great for families and groups. And some of them even have single rider lines if you don’t mind riding with strangers. I’m not a big fan of spinning on flat rides, but these don’t quite go over my threshold.

Six Flags Mexico has an interesting lineup with some notable variations from the rest of the rides in the chain. Their Superman ride is a Morgan hyper coaster (instead of an Intamin hyper), their Batman Ride is a Vekoma SLC (instead of a B&M invert), and their Medusa is a CCI woodie (instead of a B&M floorless). Also, their Boomerang is a racing water coaster with a Moebius Loop. Okay, I was kidding about the last one. Like everywhere else in the World, their Boomerang is Vekoma boomerang.

For me, the most noteworthy coaster in their lineup might be Steel Mini Roller Coaster - Roller Coaster TycoonTsunami. It’s a Tivoli family coaster that must be what those little mini steel coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon were based on. It even has the same ladybug theme just like the coasters in the game. I don’t think I’ve run into one in my travels, but I used to wonder where the designer got that exact ride type from. As always, the Roller Coaster Database has the park’s full lineup with stats and images here: Six Flags Mexico’s Roller Coasters

What’s Your Take?
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