Launch Coaster Projekt Helix Announced for Liseberg

Sweden’s Liseberg has announced Projekt Helix for 2014. Helix will be a launched roller coaster similar to Europa Park’s BlueFire Megacoaster. It might seem like it’s a bit early to announce a 2014 ride, but this will be a signature roller coaster for the park and the ride’s designer as it’ll be the largest ride to date for both.

Helix will be a Mack launched roller coaster. It will include six inversions, two launches, and it will make use of the park’s terrain. Here’s a video of Projekt Helix at Liseberg:

I like how the layout includes airtime hills in addition to some pretty exciting-looking loops. Add the use of the park’s terrain and I’m all-in! Liseberg is also home to the Intamin pre-fab coaster Balder. It’s been near the top of a few roller coaster poll’s in the past. See info and a POV video of Balder at Coaster Portal.

Euro coaster fans have only 549 more days to wait! Visit Liseberg’s Projekt Helix website for more information. If you use Google Chrome, you can easily translate the site to English.

Also, check out this great promo video for the ride including some footage of bluefire megacoaster and interviews with Mack designers and European coaster enthusiasts. It’s nearly 20 minutes long, but I enjoyed it.

What’s your take? How do you think Projekt Helix looks?