Outlaw Run Full Animated Video

Animated Video of Outlaw Run Looks Amazing

Outlaw Run Full Animated Video
We can now get a better look at a ride with the potential to be 2013’s best new roller coaster. Branson, Missouri’s Silver Dollar City has posted a new animated video of Outlaw Run that shows us the complete ride. Outlaw Run will be a hybrid coaster with wooden supports and rails that feature steel topper track. This hybrid formula will produce one-of-a-kind maneuvers for a wood-like roller coaster.

Check out the full animated video of Outlaw Run:

I’m hoping that the area around the ride retains this much tree cover. There’s nothing like speeding through the woods as I’ve really enjoyed tremendous experiences on terrain coasters like The Beast and Boulder Dash.

Read more about Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City.

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