Have You Ever Been Hit By Something on a Roller Coaster?

This might sound like a strange edition of Coaster Questions, but after some comments I read about evening rides on Millennium Force, it’s not as weird as you may think.

Leave it to the Pros & Those with Permission

I’m a long-standing objector of sneaking cameras on roller coasters. Other than the fact that there already plenty of other good coaster videos out there, you can create a projectile that could fly out of your hand and injure someone. Case in point, we now have Dueling Dragons that no longer Duel as the dueling inverted coaster now called Dragon’s Challenge. Here’s more:

Instead of launching the vehicles together so they come very close to each other, the vehicles will be set in motion alternately.

The move was made last Thursday, on the same day that a park visitor was injured by something that struck him in the face and on his lower leg.

Officials said visitor Carlos Montalvo was struck in the right eye, leaving him mostly blind.

“As we continue to study these incidents, we will operate both coasters as separate experiences without their usual intersect points,” Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said.

But hinting that the injuries may be the result of objects flying from the hands of riders, Universal said, “We will continue our long-standing policy of advising guests to safely secure personal items before riding.”

WESH Orlando

Attack of the Bugs?

Okay, so there’s my public service announcement. On a different note, I’ve gotten a few rides under my belt over the years, but I can’t say that I remember experiencing anything like John did. Here’s his comment on my Millennium Force review:

I rode this at around 8:30 PM on August 7, 2012 and found out the hard way it wasn’t the best time to ride. I was bombarded by bugs! I could barely keep my eyes open throughout the ride. I definitely couldn’t open my mouth! When I got off the ride a veteran rider looked at me as I brushed the hundreds of bug carcasses off of my shirt and asked me, “Did you get them all?”

Great ride, but make sure to go when the bugs are asleep!

John (Comment on the Millennium Force Review)

This hilarious and horrifying comment made me wonder if others have been hit by anything while riding. Living or otherwise. Share your experiences below.