For this addition of Coaster Questions, I thought I’d ask which theme park websites are your favorite. Below, I’ll list the sites that I frequent most often (in no particular order). There are a lot of good sites out there that I really like, but again, these are just the ones that I visit most often.

Roller Coaster Database

This one should be a no-brainer. But in case you’re new to the world of roller coasters, you need to bookmark this site. The Roller Coaster Database is the definitive source for coaster stats, current status, and location. It’s been immensely useful over the years.


I’ve been popping over to the NewsPlusNotes blog (Amusement Industry News + Notes) for years. Beyond amusement park news, they’ve got cool features like From the Vault, which showcases old brochures and old attractions, and Aerial Antics, which analyzes parks from overhead using satellite photos.


Another amusement industry news site, Coaster101 has been around even longer than I have. I especially enjoy their interviews with industry insiders like amusement park safety consultant Randy King and Andreas Wild of Stengel Engineering.


I frequently check out Screamscape as Lance tends to specialize in not only news, but even rumors that often later become news. He’s been at it so long his sources send him tidbits of information long before official announcements are made by parks. Keep in mind, not everything he reports comes to fruition and he’s clear to identify items that are new rumors as well as rumors that have been backed up by multiple sources, etc. Regardless, Screamscape is probably the site that I visit most often (along with RCDB). For an exclusive behind the scenes look at Lance and Screamscape check out my interview with on Theme Park Geekly: “What It’s Like to Be Lance: The Man Behind Screamscape”

Theme Park Review

Occasionally I like to swing by Theme Park Review. It’s a great place to get the pulse of the people. At least these people :). I don’t have time to contribute regularly to a message board, but sometimes I want to know what the theme parkers are thinking and that’s my go-to place as it’s probably one of the most trafficked theme park sites on the Web. As the massive disclaimer in the footer says, “You need a sense of humor to view our site”. Things can also get PG-13 and if you’re not a regular, you might not get all of the inside jokes.

But again, it’s a great connecting place for theme park fans as well as a way to embark on one of the site’s stateside or international coaster trips. Robb and the TPR peeps are also responsible for those great POV videos that are filmed safely and with permission. So, I also find myself on the TPR YouTube channel weekly.

Coaster Image

I’d also like to give a shout out to Coaster Image. For years they’ve been kind enough to allow me to borrow some of their awesome photos when I haven’t had a good one of my own to use. They recently got an overhaul and the site looks better than ever! In addition to some of the best amusement park pictures and roller coaster pictures, you can find some incredible roller coaster wallpapers.

Again, there are many great theme park websites out there, these are just the ones that I frequent most often. To see the rest of my favorites, scroll down to the footer of this site. Yes, down there.

And, you can see the most recent updates from these sites, Disney news sites, podcasts, and much more at Theme Park Syndicate. There’s also a directory of theme park sites at Coaster Portal.

What’s Your Take?
So, what are your favorite theme park websites? Where and how do you get your roller coaster and theme park news? I’m always looking for a new site to check out. Chime in below with your favorites.

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Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

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  1. Judy_P_in_Pgh

    I use this site to keep track of my “official count” (currently 272) and to look for parks by state so that I can possibly squeeze in a visit when vacationing for other reasons. For example, next summer, I will be kayaking in Idaho and I learned that there is a park not to far away in that state … one that I might not have known about otherwise.

  2. Jesse Scott

    My favorite coaster website would probably be Coasterpedia or 'Coaster wiki'. Then I would say the Coaster Critics blog for my second, then the Database for third.

    • MontagnaMagica

      I was just scrolling through the comments here, and then I noticed this one. Thanks for the shoutout for Coasterpedia! A year ago, I would have never expected the wiki to get a mention anywhere but from myself. (If you haven't guessed yet, I'm one of the administrators of the wiki)

      • CoasterCritic

        Great job on that site! Tons of coaster information there. I tried something similar with my roller coaster wiki project, but I didn't really have the structure for a real full-fledged wiki like Coasterpedia does. Keep up the good work.

  3. craZ4thrills

    Screamscape is probably my favorite. I'm always buzzing on what the latest updates are and everything, and looking forward to see if some of the rumors are true (some meaning not all the time). I check it everyday.

  4. James

    Besides yours it’s definitely NewsPlusNotes. Your website is great and so is NewsPlusNotes. I wish I knew how to make a website 😀

  5. @ThemeParkNut

    Definitely Screamscape and TPR. Also Theme Park Insider! they would be my big 3 sties I visit. I tend to keep abreast of everyone else through Twitter.

  6. Ryan

    Personally, I love using Screamscape, Orlando Attractions Magazine, Theme Park Insider, Theme Park Review, and lastly your site! I use others, but these are the most informative.

  7. CoDAce

    i personally check screamsacpe daily, even on the weekends, and all of them except newsplusnotes, even keeping all of them except Coasterimmage and News PlusNotes on my tablet's firefox (including yours) on standby,
    but I'd also add, CoasterForce, Coasterblog and Vertical Horizons,
    Vertical Horizions updates not to frequently, but second to Screamscape (which is my fav), the best sourse for international (well, mainly China at least) park news, including the facinating Ocean Kingdom park which will be home to a B&M wing rider of their own next year,
    i try to stay in the loop, and do very well at it,

  8. Dillon

    Some of my favorites are Theme Park Review and Coaster Database… And my all-time favorite is definitely Coaster Critic!

  9. firewalk13

    I check here and screamscape every morning for updates these days. TPR and pointbuzz I frequent often as well. But as far as reading, I really appreciate your ride reviews, insight & opinions, and topical "question" posts. cheers!

  10. Bobbie Butterfield

    Roller Coaster Database is definitely one of my favourites. I use it to check stats before writing coaster reviews and posting them on my blog. However, I should point out that it's not 100% accurate. It gives the ride duration of Intimidator 105 as 3 minutes. This is absolutely false. The ride lasts just over a minute. Thus far, this is the only inaccuracy I have come across. Coaster Buzz is not bad for news but someone should tell the webmaster that the track on Bizarro Six Flags Great Adventure is not green but purple. OK, it probably WAS green when the ride was called Medusa but it certainly isn't green now and I'm pissed off that the webmaster rejected my photograph showing the cobra roll in all its purple glory in favour of their own pic showing it in green. I don't want to raise the issue with him because he did publish my photograph of Skyrush and I don't want it removed. Coaster Image is excellent and I appreciate their allowing me to use two of their pix of The Beast – I gave them due credit for this – because I couldn't get a decent photo of the thing, which was hiding in the woods and refused to cooperate with me.

  11. @mattmcirvin

    This site is my favorite! I'm particularly fond of the friendly atmosphere in the comments, in no small part due to our host.

    I also read CoasterForce a lot, but I don't comment there. The forums are dominated by snarky people who can be hostile to newcomers, but they often break and discuss new information early (though because most of them are in the UK, the focus is more on British and European parks than North American ones).

    NewsPlusNotes is fun. There's not much of a commenter community there, but the aerial and nostalgic features are great.

    • CoasterCritic

      Thanks Matt. I'm glad that people appreciate the friendly atmosphere. I've made that a focus and I hope to continue to do so with other projects. And the site wouldn't have such a good commenter community without great contributions to the discussions like yours and others.

  12. XYZ

    Well, I have to say Theme Park Review as I currently have over 2000 posts on there. I would like to say that Screamscape & RCDB are also very good websites.


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