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Episode 3 of The Seasoned Pros List Show Podcast – Most Beautiful Theme ParksSix Flags Fiesta Texas
In the latest edition of The Seasoned Pros List Show, the Pros (Doug Barnes from The Season Pass Podcast, Arthur Levine from the Theme Parks Guide and me, Joel from The Coaster Critic’s Blog) list our picks for the most beautiful theme parks we’ve visited.

Lance from joins us as we discuss what makes a theme park aesthetically pleasing. Some of the picks and rankings may surprise you. The lists include regional and national parks. Amusement parks and theme parks from large chains, but also some smaller independent parks. There’s even a currently defunct park.

Download Episode 3 – Most Beautiful Theme Parks in MP3 or on iTunes. You can also listen to the show with the player below.

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Which of our picks surprised you the most? What do you think are the prettiest parks? Whose top ten most closely matched yours? Leave a comment below. Image via CC – Flickr User Steebow

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