One of the most anticipated new roller coasters of 2013 had begun testing. Last week, Silver Dollar City posted this POV video of Outlaw Run testing:

Silver Dollar City also posted this off-ride video:

It looks awesome so far! Seeing a woodie do a barrel roll is surreal. Of course the most important ingredient in truly evaluating it would be the forces and sensations it will provide. For now though, I’m giving it an early thumbs up just based on these videos. Stay tuned for the annual list, but Outlaw Run just may be my top pick for the most promising new coaster of the year.

Read more about Outlaw Run.

What do you think? How does Outlaw Run look to you? Leave a comment below.

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  1. firewalk13

    It looks amazing, I hope to get to SDC someday but it's not gonna be this summer, unfortunately.

  2. Camryn

    That looks PHENOMENAL! I hope I get the chance to visit Silver Dollar City one day.

  3. Bobbie Butterfield

    This does look pretty amazing. Last week I booked a trip which will include Silver Dollar City one day and Cedar Point for Coastermania the following day. What finally made up my mind – other than how interesting Outlaw Run looks – was my discovery that Southwest Airlines actually flies to Branson, MO! The closest the other airlines get is Springfield, about an hour away, so I'm saving myself some driving time and getting an opportunity to ride what is undoubtedly a groundbreaker. It's even steeper than my favourite, El Toro, with the barrel roll as a plus. Just sorry I couldn't make it to SDC for the opening of Outlaw Run the first week of May.

      • Bobbie Butterfield

        Thanks. What threw me off is that I got an events calendar from ACE called WORLD PREMIERE OUTLAW RUN at the beginning of May. The fact that they called it a world premiere gave the misleading impression that that's when the coaster was going to open. If you find out when Iron Rattler is going to open, please let me know! I spoke with someone at Six Flags Fiesta last week and she hadn't a clue.

  4. Fiznuckle

    Rode this coaster opening day, just after the park opened around 9:30am. It was awesome!!!


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