5th Annual List of the Most Anticipated New Roller Coasters of the Year

Here’s the conclusion of this year’s top new roller coasters list including my top pick. Again, these are the coasters that I’d like to ride most based on how they look. In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 with coasters 5 through 8.

4 Hades 360 at Mt Olympus (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin)

Hades is already a note-worthy roller coaster. Back in 2005, it was beloved coaster designers, The Hades 360 - Mt Olympus Theme Park - 2013 Roller Coaster FeatureGravity Group’s, first roller coaster. It brought us things we hadn’t seen like a World record-setting 800-foot long tunnel, extreme banking, and lots of speed. I loved it and I rated it among the best woodies I’ve ridden, but it sounds like it’s gotten rougher in recent years. This year, Hades is undergoing a mind-blowing upgrade as this fully wooden roller coaster will be re-tracked and given a corkscrew inversion.

Why You Should Be Excited – The Gravity Group could simultaneously push the envelope even further in the wooden coaster world. In a Lazarus-like move, bring Hades back to its world-class status. Here’s hoping that the Gravity Group’s Timberliner trains deliver on their revolutionary promise.

More on Hades 360 | Stats on RCDB | Official Hades 360 Page

3 Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, California)

Full Throttle will be Six Flags Magic Mountain’s next weapon in the wars for coaster supremacy. Though it doesn’t seem Full Throttle - Six Flags Magic Mountain - 2013 Roller Coasterto have the Coaster Capital reputation that Cedar Point has developed, in terms of number of coasters, Magic Mountain certainly holds the crown. 2013’s Full Throttle will bring the park’s coaster total to 18.

More than just another new ride, Full Throttle will be a multi-launch roller coaster with a record-setting loop. After a blistering 70 mph launch, riders will experience a giant 160-foot tall vertical loop, followed by a disorienting dive loop into a tunnel. There, they’ll hit a rare set of reverse-launch magnets only to be propelled once again forward through and out of the tunnel.

Why You Should Be Excited – While some have remarked that at 2,200 feet long, Full Throttle may be a bit short, I think it will seem a lot longer. From the tunnel, massive loop, and launches, there will likely be several memorable moments as it looks to be a very, very eventful 2,200 feet. Riders should get off of Full Throttle with a lot to talk about.

More on Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain | Stats on RCDB | Official Full Throttle Page

2 Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City (Branson, Missouri)

Silver Dollar City is opening a potential landmark roller coaster in Outlaw Run. Designed by Rocky Mountain Construction, Outlaw Run will be a hybrid roller coaster. Blurring the lines of categorization, the ride will have steel Outlaw Run - Double Barrel Roll - Looptopper track sitting on wooden support track. Regardless of what it’s called, this looks to be a fantastic ride. Riders are taken down a steep 81-degree drop, and then through unique turns and elements we’ve yet to experience on a mostly wooden roller coaster. The highlight, and complete showstopper when it was announced, looks to be the double-barrel roll.

Why You Should Be Excited – Thanks to Rocky Mountain Construction’s steel topper track, Outlaw Run has some very exciting elements including that barrel roll. This element not only ignited the coaster enthusiast crowd last winter, but it will also likely draw the attention of the general public as most know that wooden coasters don’t usually perform tight loops like that. After I picked my jaw up off of the floor after seeing that first barrel roll image, I’ve been following this ride’s developments all off-season. Thanks to Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City is at the top of the list of parks that I’m looking to visit in 2013.

More on Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City | Stats on RCDB | Official Outlaw Run Page

1 Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, Texas)

Much like 2011’s Texas Giant, Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ Rattler is getting a $6 Million Dollar Man-like upgrade. The ride’s 20-Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texasyear old wooden track will be replaced with Rocky Mountain Construction’s steel track, transitioning the ride to a steel coaster. The Iron Rattler will still take advantage of Fiesta Texas’ beautiful rocky terrain as it will dive off of and also through a rocky cliff wall. The ride will offer a number of over-banked turns where riders may feel like they’re about to be dumped out of the train. And, if all that wasn’t enough, Iron Rattler will also boast a barrel roll inversion.

Why You Should Be Excited – The reborn New Texas Giant is easily one of the very best roller coasters I’ve ever ridden and Iron Rattler may top it. When I rode The Rattler in 2011, I noted how it had so much potential, but fell short due it’s roughness. Now, with RMC’s steel track and wild elements, it should be a much improved ride. I’m also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters as they not only add to the scenery, but also offer unique experiences. I also love a good tunnel and Iron Rattler’s is basically a cave! I’m all in on Iron Rattler, I just wish that I hadn’t just been to San Antonio in 2011.

More on Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Stats on RCDB | Official Iron Rattler Page

Also, here’s a teaser video for Iron Rattler:

List Recap

Iron Rattler and Outlaw Run were pretty much tied. Both of these rides look amazing. I gave it to Iron Rattler because of the tunnel and its use of the cliff wall.  Some have asked why I put GateKeeper at 5th in Part 1. My answer is simple. I really liked the wing coasters I rode last year, but now that I’ve experienced them, I’m more intrigued by these rides. If I could pick any of these to ride next, I’d ride these four ahead of GateKeeper. My list might be different if I hadn’t already been on Wild Eagle and X-Flight.

Other noteworthy North American rides that didn’t make the list include: Coast Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm, Undertow at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Freedom Fighter at Fun Spot Action Park, Twist N Shout at Family Kingdom and Joker at Six Flags Mexico.

And again, I didn’t forget great rides from other countries like Alton Tower’s Smiler. Stay tuned for my Top New Eurasian Roller Coasters List where I’ll cover the best-looking rides opening in the rest of the World.

What’s Your Take?
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19 Responses

  1. ProfBAM

    Yay for Hades going 360, I was there a week or so ago and it’s looking really nice. Unfortunately, it will no longer be in the top 10 Golden Tickets.

  2. DoD3Brian

    I think I’m the only one that doesn’t particularly welcome our new looping wooden overlords. It just seems like it could blow up into some cheap way to generate hype. Outlaw Run does it right where the layout plays into the inversions, but something like Hades 360, where an inversion is jury-rigged into the layout, is something I’d rather not see become common.

    • CoDAce

      you’re not alone, for the most part, I’m COMPLETELY against Hades 360 myself, and IMHO, Hades 360 SHOULDN’T be on this list since they’re changing ONLY ONE element of the ride, big whop, and even if they completely re-tracked the ride and added a transfer track and made it 2 train operation, while they wold have earned some respect with me, I STILL wouldn’t count it as new, and when they removed the loop on SoB, they didn’t call it a new ride. Iron Rattler on the other hand, has a steeper and taller drop, an invert, the helix COMPLETELY removed, and is now a steel coaster. And in a park that in this article (http://www.rollercoasterphilosophy.com/2011/mt-olympus/) was stated as trying to get worse, they NEED to work on other things then being ignorant about their problems and build something ‘new’, Zeus NEEDS work, and was described in said article as ‘but after they fix Zeus so it doesn’t cause any lawsuits, of course’ and the front row, is marginally better, not the good ride described in the article. But Outlaw Run i like since they didn’t just slap them in for a ‘new’ ride, and the trains look pretty cool as well, unlike those hideous Timberliners.

      • The Coaster Critic

        I get what you’re saying about Hades 360 not really being completely new, but I run a site where I cover new attractions and in the current era of re-booted rides, Hades 360 definitely counts in my book. I used to debate it or note the faux-newness, but I’m over it.

        With regards to Olympus’ park operations, I still have high hopes for Hades 360 itself. For example, the inattentive exchange students running Hades and the one train operation definitely took away from the experience, but it was still an awesome ride. At least in 2006 it was. If it’s at least as good as it was earlier in the ride, the late ride roughness is gone, and the corkscrew is performed well, I’d put it head of the other new rides opening this year.

      • CoDAce

        After being there for two years in a row, nothing changed, they didn’t continue re-tracking Zeus, it was just as good up to the second hill as the last time, and garbage after that, and the uninterested employees WILL come back every year, and it honestly feels, to me at least, that their covering up their problems with something ‘new’, it NEVER ends well, just watch ‘Holmes on Holmes’ on DIY network, and I’m more of a crime show guy BTW, it’s pretty much a crime show, and shows what happens if you try and cover up your problems, it gets out of hand quickly, and with a big roller coaster like Hades and their ‘it hasn’t maimed anyone so it’s fine’ policy, it may cause change in their poor management, but at the point that it’s too freaking late. And why I believe that they manage their park like this is because they’re the ONLY place in Wisconsin with big and thrilling coasters, so they are in sort of a Monopoly, and the fact that they’re located in the Wisconsin Dells just compounds onto that, their closes competition is Timber Falls, and that place is bad, Hellcat was WORSE then Zeus if that says anything, but they can’t really afford the upkeep as well as Mount Olympus can, and haven’t they heard of keeping up their older attractions. So honestly, I don’t exactly see where your ‘glass half-full thinking’ comes from CC, “I’m not a pessimist but a realist” here, and that quote is from somewhere, but I can’t remember where exactly, maybe the original Portal? But that’s besides the point, I do respect your opinion, I just don’t see where the information comes from.

      • Joel

        My information and opinion are based on one trip back in 2006. And I’m hopeful, not claiming to be predictive at all. Also, for the record, I am a self-admitted optimist. So, I’m more likely to have a ‘glass-half’ full view in general.

        But, you might be right about this one CoDAce. It sounds like you’re a lot more familiar with the park. And, I’m sad to hear that Hellcat isn’t running well. That was a really fun and smooth ride, but that was quite a while ago now.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Great site Brian! Thanks for the comment.

      Over-hyped or not if these looping woodies offer a great experience, I’m all for them. Besides, there’ll always be a place for traditional woodies.

  3. Halvorsion

    Now I can understand why you would put Gatekeeper at 5. I just planned to go to Dollywood and now I am a bit less excited about Gatekeeper. However, if I were to make a list, I would still put it ahead of Full Throttle; it looks like the World’s most gimmicky coaster. 2,200 feet is not a “bit short” for a 70 mph ride.

    • The Coaster Critic

      That’s fair. GateKeeper could just as well be 4th. It’s probably an overall better coaster, Full Throttle just offers something more new to me now that I’ve ridden the wing coasters. You should still be very excited. I’d be.

    • Judy P in Pgh

      Enjoy Wild Eagle, Halvorsion! It’s one of those coasters where theming definitely improves the ride. The overall feeling is one of smooth soaring. Get there early and try different seats on either side of the train. They are all good, but you get a definite different feeling based on the seat you choose. If you have a bit of spare time, it’s worth the trek up the Mountain Slidewider path to get a look at Wild Eagle’s layout. I’ll be there Thurs. and Fri. (don’t get in my way when school lets out tomorrow!), but Thunderhead is still my preferred coaster at Dollywood.

  4. Mike M.

    Have to add to the notion that Full Throttle feels like a gimmick. I guess people would just expect more when they hear about multi-launching coaster. It feels like a lot more could have been done with the multiple launches, especially given the hype of being such an extreme ride.

    As it stands it doesn’t even look more thrilling than Stormrunner and its one launch.

  5. Gearhart

    I had a feeling Hades 360 would show up on here and I hope it’s open by the first week of june so I can get a chance to try it out. I never got to check out the original, but based on a lot of reviews I’ve read saying how rough it had gotten, maybe it’s better I waited. I do think it’s kind of amusing though that we’ve gotten to the point where a park will market a new attraction/experience on what is basically a reprofile or a train flipped around to run backwards (ie Batman at SFGAm). As long as it’s an improvement over the original I guess.

  6. Ryan

    Personally, I would have had Gatkeeper in spots 1-3 because it isn’t just a normal winged coaster, but it is going to be the tallest, fastest, longest, and will have the tallest inversion in the world! It is so Cedar Point to make the best and from the looks of the pictures, Gatekeeper looks the best! Outlaw Run, and Iron Rattler (in my opinion) are basically the same. They are steep, fast, go upside down, and are mainly built with wood. These two I would plase where you put them in spots 1-3 because of the layout and uniqueness. Full Throttle is a strange one. It looks fun, but to me it looks somewhat wimpy compared to Gatekeeper, Outlaw Run, and Iron Rattler. The whole marketing sounds gimmicky and trying to hype up a coaster that might not deliver what they’re saying. I give Six Flags credit though for trying something different though.

  7. Dillon

    I wouldn’t have put Full Throttle so high up on the list. It looks about as gimicky as Magic Mountain’s last new coaster. But, I thought Iron Rattler and Outlaw Run were well-deserving of the 1 and 2 spots.

  8. Johnny

    Guess I’ll have to be the one to defend Full Throttle. Yes it is gimmicky, but it’s tight footprint, looks like it’s going to pull some serious g forces. Much like a modern take on the Schwarzkopf looper, and with lap bars. Plus, all coasters are gimmicky anyway. Gatekeeper would be a traditional b&m looper without the seat gimmick.

  9. Dylan

    Gatekeeper looks incredible, not necessarily because of the layout and thrill of it, but because of it’s astonishing appearance. It’s looks like a work of art, and to have it tower over the entrance of the park is even better.

  10. Ryan

    I really think gatekeeper should have been #1. The second 0g roll has about 2 seconds of airtime and it is the smoothest ride ive been on. Its very forceul in the back, too. It should have been first…


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