Backyard Roller CoastersIt’s been a while since I’ve written about backyard roller coasters. There are tons of videos of short, incomplete home-made rides on YouTube, but I’m most impressed by the few rides that complete a full circuit and come pretty darn close to looking like a legit roller coaster you’d find at an amusement park.

The Best Backyard Roller Coasters

Since it’s been a few years, I thought I’d share them again and ask what would you build. As far as I know, Jeremy Reid’s wooden coaster Oklahoma Land Run and  John Iver’s looping coaster Blue Flash are the best of the best in do-it-yourself backyard roller coasters. Check out the videos below:

Watch a POV video of here.

Also, check out Iver’s follow-up to Blue Flash, a non-looping coaster called Blue 2.

What I’d Build

If money weren’t an object, I’d build a large looping B&M coaster with airtime hills on a vast sprawling terrain. But, to stick with the premise of using my actual backyard, my options would be pretty limited. I live on a less than a quarter of an acre. A boomerang coaster wouldn’t even fit. I guess I’d opt for a small wild mouse coaster that the kids would love. Or on the more intense end of things, a Jeremy Reid-like woodie that could take advantage of my back hill’s steep 12-foot grade would be fun.

What’s Your Take?
If you could have any roller coaster in you backyard, what would you build? Do you know of any more impressive backyard roller coasters? Which of these coasters looks the best to you? Leave a comment below.

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Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

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  1. Zach

    i have a fairly large backyard on a slope so i would probably build a small terrain woodie which i have actually been considering building

  2. Jeremy

    I think I would try a small wooden coaster like Jeremy Ried to test out what works, which dose not look like a small task. Them build a larger terrain woodie in my grand parents hilly back woods.

  3. DRU

    I would build a woodie with an over-banked turn, a tunnel, and a splash down.

    My daughter and I built a back yard sled line with a 90 degree turn that was about 150′ long, We live in VA so we also had to make a homemade snow gun.
    That spring we turned it into a 100 foot waterslide with a catch pool at the end. I can send you the video.
    Super fun times!

  4. Nick

    If I had some cash, I’d buy a used boomerang and charge people to ride it.

  5. Gearhart

    Rather than doing a lot of work building a backyard rollercoaster I’d prefer just moving into Walt’s apartment in Disneyland, talk about having an awesome backyard.

  6. ethan

    If my neighbors could pitch in, I’d build this. My House is on a hill and there is a creek not too far from it. I’d love to build an alpine/terrain coaster that goes through the woods.

  7. Marcia

    If I had lots of money and tons of room, I’d put Manta from SeaWorld Orlando in my backyard. I could ride that and NEVER get sick of it.:)

    But…not only would that not fit, it’d be crazy expensive. So I would like to have one that goes over the roof of my family’s house. That would be extremely cool! Then I could get the money back by charging people to ride it. 😛

  8. Joshua hall

    Actually i have been think about building a steel shuttle coaster which is cool.

  9. Koolcat

    I have such a small backyard I would make the lift hill on top of the garage then back down then turn so it doesn’t go over the drive way then a bunny hop under the lift hill then brakes and lastly back towards the station It would be wooden and be named garage monster.

  10. Tommy Bowers

    An old-school, wooden, Kiddie-type coaster, about 13 feet tall, utilizing a 45 degree turn shortly after lifthill, leading into a descending straight run, then a hair-pin turn (quick change in velocity, descending down to about 6 feet. Then, the coaster would dive 6 ft, and still calculating h of two additional “airtime” hills. A duplicate hairpin would add nice element for ride to enter boarding station full circuit


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