Banshee - Kings Island - 2014 Coaster UpdateUPDATE 8/8/13 – Kings Island has announced Banshee for 2014. It will debut as the longest inverted roller coaster in the World with seven loops & 4,100+ feet of track. Read and watch a video here: Banshee Roller Coaster Coming to Kings Island in 2014 [divider_line]
With Son of Beast now completely wiped from the map, Kings Island has added teaser posters to the construction walls around the ride’s former site. Nothing has been announced, but according to Screamscape, it sounds like we can expect a large roller coaster for 2014. Will there be another member added to the Beast family? Daughter of Beast? Step Son of Beast? Half-brother?

The teaser has the following text:

Due to the increasing occurance of mysterious and bone-chilling screams, it has become necessary to close this section of the park until the cause of this evil phenomenon can be identified.

Kings Island - 2014 Roller Coaster Teaser

I’m in the multi-launch looper camp (like Cedar Point’s Maverick) in terms of what I’d like to see. What kind of roller coaster do you think Kings Island is going to add for 2014? Leave your guess and vote in the poll below. Image courtesy of Screamscape.

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  1. Crystal

    Well I think its awsome a new coaster is comeing in 2014 its not gonna be a wooden coaster thay done did son of beast them teaser posters are probabley that color red an yellow because its getting built in son of best place . An it couldnt be better timeing because ceader point this year has gate keeper an now next year kingsisland will have a big new ride . I think it deffinatley will follow gate keeper being a wing coaster yeah for sure because thay already have a ride like that other i305 an the other one witch is the dimon back .

  2. Crystal

    Well I had no ideal that ceader point owned kings island now knowing that I seem to agree that it will be a giga coaster in the place of son of the beast !

  3. Crystal

    I really think number one guess it will be a wing ceader the thrill seeker park an bigger coaster park now ki .or a number two guess coaster that you stand up on like the mantis at ceader point because no giga coaster at kingsisland will stand taller then the magnam xl 200 at ceader point it wont be no giga allso because of 150 foot tall dimon back onley four years ago.

  4. Crystal

    It will deffinatley be a wing coaster why make a 300 foot giga when diamon back built fouer years ago stands 230 feet !!!! the guy aint gonna tell that said no wing coasters are on 2014 to build because its being built now in 2013 will open in 2014 ! Read between the lines ! Ceader points next coaster will be a 4th deminsion coaster ! My final prediction

    • Dude5

      Cedar Fair has owned Kings Island for 7 years…. and Cedar Fair built Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland (Diamondback’s older sister) but then they built Leviathan, a giga, just four years later… next season will be DB’s sixth season so a giga coaster is the most likely design. And Cedar Fair would be very unwise to build another wing rider, taking focus off of GateKeeper, since it is their newest addition. But outdoing Magnum XL-200 would not be unwise since it’s not new.

    • Dude5

      And actually, a giga at KI would not be outdoing Magnum XL-200. It would be outdoing Millennium Force at Cedar Point, along with Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion, and Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland.

  5. Crystal

    I think the new ride will be a standing coaster like mantis at ceader point a long standing steel coaster because every one misses the cobera ! It very well may be a giga though 300 foot tall giga or higher .

  6. kevkenny

    CP and KI never had rides that would compete against each other even before Cedar Fair bought them, that said its unlikely we’ll see a BM standing or inverted coaster at KI, a 300 ft is a possibility but since they just built the 200 ft diamondback i think its unlikely, my guess would be a floorless coaster or a 4th dimension coaster, (like green lantern not x2). After going to ki twice then goin to cp, ki needs to step up

  7. Jonathan Garrett

    I think it will be a giga coaster. No original rides. A giga coaster will look great at Kings Island. Much more people would come to KI to ride the “Banshee”….. I hope it is a giga coaster, a huge one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Abby_Normal

    The talk about the name “Banshee” seems right, because representatives from the park recently mailed a comb with hair in it to the local newspapers in a teaser announcement about the major announcement to be made by the park on Aug. 8th. By some quick research, apparently the mythical Banshee was often seen combing her hair, and got upset if anyone disturbed her or took her comb. See this newspaper article for info on the announcement:

  9. KC

    I don’t want another coaster yet. Give me a fun dark ride to replace The Crypt! Maybe a ride-on haunted house. Something REALLY scary and creepy!!

  10. James

    The low hanging fruit for world records lies with Stand up coasters. since the King Cobra was torn down there has not been a stand-up coaster at KI and it was very close to the part of the park where the new “Banshee” is being built. When CHANG was disassembled in Ky many rumors had it coming to KI but instead it ended up as “Green Lantern” at Six Flags great adventure. If you look at the track layout it has the lift hill going through a loop just like “Riddler’s Revenge” the current king of stand ups. They could do the first 200+ ft stand up with the most inversions and highest speed (70mph). this would also tie into the fact that “Mantis” ( another Cedar Fair Stand up) was originally supposed to be called “Banshee” Based on track layout, park history, rarity, ease of world record levels, and name history I think it all points towards a world’s best stand up coaster.

  11. WvChick

    I am at KI as we speak and have been for last 3night days last evening as I was riding flight deck I could see a sign on the old sob platform. So as we left the ride I paid special attention and saw the sign again it read “The Wolf Pack”! This was a big wooden looken sign not generic either. Could it be fake to cover up real sign? Sure! Bit kinda goes with Beast Family theme, white hair and comb.


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