Reviews of Full Throttle are popping up all over the Web now that the ride has opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Here’s a sample of what roller coaster fans are saying:

…I love how it feels like you’re going to be ejected from the train when the brakes start to grab as you’re just coming over the top of the loop. It was a very nice surprise. – The Coaster Guy

I must admit I had low expectations for Full Throttle, but Magic Mountain’s newest roller coaster is a book you shouldn’t judge by its cover. – Brady MacDonald of the Los Angeles Times

And it’s in that loop that Full Throttle delivers its take-away moment — a full second (which seems like eternity) of weightless airtime, upside down, lingering at the apex of the loop. – Robert Niles of Theme Park Insider

Check out this video of Full Throttle in action:

Note – This video was shot by professionals. For safety reasons, please DO NOT film while riding a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Full Throttle looks okay from the video, but along side the reviews (especially Brady’s), it’s likely one of those roller coasters that you just have to ride to truly appreciate. Again, I don’t begrudge a ride for a relatively short length if it’s an eventful ride. The hang time experienced in the massive loop, two launches, and airtime on that top hat sound make Full Throttle sound like it’s worth the proverbial (and literal) price of admission.

For more from the ride’s media day including photos and another on-ride video, visit The Coaster Guy’s Full Throttle coverage and see What a Full Throttle Rollback Feels Like.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. Dru

    I think it looks Awesome!
    Too bad they don’t let the speed carry down the top-hat though.

  2. Gearhart

    I’ll be down there for a concert in a little over 5 weeks so naturally the first thing I’ll be doing is motoring up from LAX as soon as I land to check this (and Drop of Doom) out. While I’ve tempered my expectations with how short of a ride it is, every Premier Rides coaster is pretty short when you think about it and I’ve never come across a Premier I didn’t like. The early reviews and pov have me just excited enough though I doubt it will my favorite of the new for 2013 crop that I’ve ridden

  3. dc

    A Premiere design? I can wait. And it doesn’t look that inviting but at least less brutal than other Premiere coasters (Flight of Fear, Joker’s Jinx).

  4. Ryan

    I hated this ride, it was pointless and not very thrilling other than the launch. Gatekeeper is much better.

    • Bobbie

      In what way is Gatekeeper better? I haven’t ridden Full Throttle so can’t comment on that but have ridden Gatekeeper (which I thought was wonderful) and fail to see the basis for comparison with Full Throttle – as Gatekeeper isn’t a launch coaster, Full Throttle isn’t a wing coaster and the two of them were manufactured by different entities.

      • Ryan

        Well, i compared them because they both claim to have the biggest loop in the world (which is actually gatekeeper), and the fact that they’re both new rides. And SFMM and Cedar Point are always competing

      • Lloyd

        Even though this is a technicality I’m still gonna call you out. Gatekeeper has the tallest inversion, “the dive drop.” What that isn’t, is a vertical loop which is what Full Throttle has and yes it is the tallest. Facts are Facts try checkin them

  5. Charlie Lockyer

    pointless ride. bugs me that they are going crazy and the admins at SFMM are saying that it’s better and CP sucks and they built the world’s best coaster. i can vision them saying that, but really, ad idea.

  6. Anna

    I’m going tomorrow to ride Full Throttle, and I hope it’s better than it looks. However, I’m not sure if it’s worth waiting several hours in line, considering its ride time is less than a minute….

  7. Mike M.

    I’ll be at Magic Mountain over labor day weekend. I’ll be sure to check it out.

    • Charlie Lockyer

      They mount it with industrial velcro, straps, or duct tape to the front of the train.

  8. Paul grace

    Leaving in two days to ride this! Seems very fun! Can so wine tell me how long the line is though. It prob will be long :/ but I’m gonna ride this and other rides! 🙂

  9. Gearhart

    I just got back from a weekend in L.A. and while there got to go check this as well as Knott’s new Coast Rider out. Let me first say I’m glad I went to Knott’s second because it’s looking the best it has in years and despite some decent crowds, the most I had to wait for anything was for the jack-hammering I got on Ghost Rider, 30 min. Six Flags on the other hand had long, slow lines all over the place with the exception of Full Throttle. Yes, it was an hour wait but, the ride ops kept the line moving at a steady pace with assigned seating and efficient loading. I wasn’t expecting a crazy, awesome coaster, but a fun one none the less. So it completely took me by surprise just how much I enjoyed it. I took a couple laps, including one at night with the Full Throttle Nights party going on in the entry plaza, and both times I got put in the very back. The launch out of the station doesn’t look very strong from the ground, however there were plenty of g’s and speed to be had shooting toward that massive loop. Which by the way does have some truly epic hang time on those lap bars and it helps to finally give you a true sense of height on this thing. Something that just didn’t click for me while on the ground. The s-curving course up the side of the hill and over Superman’s plaza into the dive loop looking element was fun. not anything spectacular, but fun. It was the backwards launch that really caught me off guard, nice little pop of air/hang time if you’re in the back at the top of that dive loop. The final launch gets you good speed coming out of the tunnel, dropping back down the hill and the top hat is a great finale that gave some almost scary ejector air as the brakes kicked in. While it is short, it’s something I could ride over and over again. There may be “better” coasters at the park, don’t expect a revelatory coaster experience, but this one slots in right behind Apocalypse as my personal favorite at the Mountain as it’s just so smooth and enjoyable. I still think the Log Jammer was a better fit for what the park actually needed but I’m glad they have this. One more thing, while the surrounding area does seem incomplete, it was nicer than I imagined and at night the Full Throttle area is quite cool and energetic. They just need to tie up the loose ends.

  10. Daniel

    Please don’t judge this ride if you haven’t been on it yet. I have been on every ride at six flags countless amount of times and I have to say the full throttle is the best ride in the park and for sure my favorite. yes it is short compared to the other coasters but it is the best.

  11. Logan

    I have been on Full Throttle a few times, and I must say, it is amazing. I set my expectations way too low for it. It is a very short ride (biggest complaint from everyone), but every single element of the ride is amazing. My favorite part of the ride was the third launch through the tunnel (you could feel the wind in your face). One thing did come to mind: Full Throttle wasn’t an expensive or long coaster. THey obviously had space (there is so much open space in the Full Throttle Zone, and directly next to full throttle on the mountain, there is more open space). I mean Apocalypse costed more than it. I know this may sound bratty, but Magic Mountain hasn;t gotten anything HUGE since Tatsu. I mean green lantern is fun, but short. SEFK is also fun, but more time could be put into a ride. Lex Luthor didn’t take much time either. I am expecting something big to come to Magic Mountain soon, even though we get the most coasters per year throughout the six flags parks.

  12. Mike M.

    Got on Full Throttle over Labor Day weekend. Have to say that it was a pretty cool ride overall. The hangtime that everyone has been talking about is very real, easily more fun than your standard loop. The S-curve and dive loop is pretty smooth, but nothing I’d never experienced before. The reverse launch was cool and did add a bit of hangtime.

    The launch over the loop was awesome although I didn’t quite experience the ejector air that others mentioned. The ride lost enough momentum near the top where the airtime felt more floaty than anything. But that meant that you got some airtime on your way down the tophat. Unfortunately the brakes kick in while you are still dropping so you don’t get to experience the full sense of speed of the last drop. All in all a great addition to the MM lineup.

  13. Rosie

    I dunno it doesn’t seem like it’d be that much fun, if I wanted a single loop ride I’d sooner take Revolution or even Montezuma’s Revenge, I might go on it next time though, might be surprised. might not be.

    • Lloyd

      Wow Rosie, ride the ride then you’ll understand how incredibly ridiculous your comment is.

  14. Aaron Howard

    I just went to Six Flags and was able to get on this ride pretty quickly. It was a slow day, so we only waited about 20 minutes for it. Yes, the ride is shorter than many of the coasters at Magic Mountain. However, to make up for it, the entire ride is an event. The first time through, there were several surprises that blew me away. I would not recommend reading or watching any spoilers. Of course, my friends and I were worried that subsequent rides would prove less successful because the element of surprise would be gone. Not true. This is a great ride that I plan to enjoy for years to come.


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