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Full Throttle Reviews | Magic Mountain's New Coaster is Here

Reviews of Full Throttle are popping up all over the Web now that the ride has opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Here’s a sample of what roller coaster fans are saying:

…I love how it feels like you’re going to be ejected from the train when the brakes start to grab as you’re just coming over the top of the loop. It was a very nice surprise. – The Coaster Guy

I must admit I had low expectations for Full Throttle, but Magic Mountain’s newest roller coaster is a book you shouldn’t judge by its cover. – Brady MacDonald of the Los Angeles Times

And it’s in that loop that Full Throttle delivers its take-away moment — a full second (which seems like eternity) of weightless airtime, upside down, lingering at the apex of the loop. – Robert Niles of Theme Park Insider

Check out this video of Full Throttle in action:

Note – This video was shot by professionals. For safety reasons, please DO NOT film while riding a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Full Throttle looks okay from the video, but along side the reviews (especially Brady’s), it’s likely one of those roller coasters that you just have to ride to truly appreciate. Again, I don’t begrudge a ride for a relatively short length if it’s an eventful ride. The hang time experienced in the massive loop, two launches, and airtime on that top hat sound make Full Throttle sound like it’s worth the proverbial (and literal) price of admission.

For more from the ride’s media day including photos and another on-ride video, visit The Coaster Guy’s Full Throttle coverage and see What a Full Throttle Rollback Feels Like.

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