Kings Island - 2014 Roller Coaster Hint - Banshee Comb

KI's New Coaster: Blueprints, a Comb, & White Hair

Banshee - Kings Island - 2014 Coaster UpdateUPDATE 8/8/13 – Kings Island has announced Banshee for 2014. It will debut as the longest inverted roller coaster in the World with seven loops & 4,100+ feet of track. Read and watch a video here: Banshee Roller Coaster Coming to Kings Island in 2014 [divider_line]This is always a fun time of the year as parks begin dropping hints for what they’ll be building for next year. The speculation and excitement was ratcheted way up this week with a few new facets to the Kings Island’s 2014 roller coaster project.

A Comb and White Hair

Kings Island - 2014 Roller Coaster Hint - Banshee CombKings Island sent out a media kit with a comb and synthetic white or gray hair. This gives credence to the rumored Banshee name and theme for the new roller coaster. It’d be great if Kings Island continues this theming thread and really gives the coaster some unique aspects tied to a banshee like some on-board audio or a heavily-themed, story-based station.

Kings Island to Make Official Announcement on Thursday, August 8th

All of the speculation will be ending soon as Kings Island is set to make an official announcement on Thursday, August 8th at 10 PM. Announcements are usually made at 10 AM. The fact that the park opted for the late hour is likely tied to the dark, sinister nature of the ride’s theme. Maybe the Banshee herself will make an appearance.

Supposed Roller Coaster Blueprints Leaked

Theme parks have been known to “leak” false information and clues in the past, but a video posted by someone who does not appear to be working for the park supposedly show the plans for Kings Island’s 2014 roller coaster. They certainly look legit, but we won’t know for sure until next week. Check out this video of Kings Island’s 2014 Coaster Blueprints:

I’m curious why the park hasn’t asked the video creator to take down the video. I could see Kings Island possibly having an employee post a “leaked” video like this. That could be what happened here. Either way, it’s cool to see what look like plans for the ride.

Will Banshee be a World Record-Breaking Inverted Roller Coaster?

I wasn’t on the inverted coaster bandwagon, but I may be hopping on now. Based on Lance (Screamscape) connecting the “IC2-J” on the blueprints matching the blue coaster supports found at the B&M manufacturing plant, we may in fact see an inverted coaster instead of a wing or giga coaster. There have also been others that have analyzed the footers and determined that this could be an inverted coaster.

There hasn’t been a new inverted coaster in the U.S. in years. It seems like amusement parks like to follow the latest trends, but if Kings Island aims to make this new ride a truly “world record-breaking” coaster as invites given to guests have stated, then maybe that’ll be enough for them. If it’s a massive inverted terrain coaster like my Top 10-worthy Alpengeist, then I’m all for it. I just didn’t think it was likely.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of these recent developments? Are you convinced the ride will be an inverted coaster? What do you think of the blueprint video? Leave a comment below.
Image courtesy of Dayton Daily News