Rolling Thunder Removed - Six Flags Great Adventure - Defunct Coaster

Poll: Great Adventure Removes Rolling Thunder – Classic or Clunker?

Six Flags Great Adventure to Remove Rolling Thunder

I’m still getting caught up with all of the Six Flags announcements. In the Zumanjaro Drop of Doom announcement, I noticed the mention of Rolling Thunder’s removal:

To make room for the newest addition to Six Flags Great Adventure, we must bid farewell to a classic. Rolling Thunder, our classic wooden coaster, will close to the public on September 8 to help make way for construction of the new ride. New technological advances and preferences have created a new generation of thrill rides, and Rolling Thunder’s popularity has decreased over the years. Be sure to tackle this coaster’s 85-foot drop and 10 dipping hills before it slips into history.

As I’m writing this post on September 8th, it’s probably too late for you to get that last ride. And, the park really only gave fans about a week and a half or so to say goodbye. There’s a poll to save Rolling Thunder, but I’ve never seen these efforts work. So at this point, we can basically consider Rolling Thunder a defunct roller coaster at this point.
Rolling Thunder Removed - Six Flags Great Adventure - Defunct Coaster

Your Take on Rolling Thunder’s Removal – Classic or Clunker?

I’ve ridden Rolling Thunder twice and each time only side was running. I experienced one of the roughest rides I’ve encountered in my travels. So, like Great American Scream Machine, I’m not really sad to see it go. But, I do know that there are some long time fans of the park that might have fond memories and consider it a classic wooden coaster. The poll to save the ride points out that it’s a great first roller coaster for kids.

What’s your take? Leave a comment and vote in the poll below.[poll id=”103″]Image courtesy of CoasterImage.