The Voyage at Holiday World
The Voyage at Holiday World - Used with Permission

POV Monday – Video of The Voyage at Holiday World

The Voyage at Holiday WorldThe Voyage at Holiday World (Santa Claus, Indiana) is a massive, white-knuckle wooden roller coaster. It’s a relentless marathon of thrills from beginning to end that’s been consistently rated among the top wooden roller coasters in World. Outside of the coaster enthusiast community it may not be well-known, but it should be.

Video Highlights
The video below does a great job of showing the ride’s insane length, but you should also note the sections where the track is banked at an unusual and thrilling 90-degrees.

The Voyage also boasts one of my all-time favorite roller coaster moments, The Triple Down in the Dark. Obviously, you can’t see it in the video as it’s done during one of the ride’s many underground tunnels, but it’s at the 1:00 mark after the brake run.

For more, read my full review of The Voyage at Holiday World. It’s currently 4th on my Top Roller Coasters List. And it’s my number 2 woodie.

Check out this POV video of The Voyage at Holiday World:

Note – This video was shot by professionals. For safety reasons, please DO NOT film while riding a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Have you been on The Voyage? Do you agree that it’s among the best wooden roller coasters in the World? Leave a comment below.

Image courtesy of CoasterImage.