California Screamin' - Disney's California Adventure

POV Mondays – California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure

Welcome to my new series, POV Mondays. Each Monday from now until mid-April, you can expect a new POV (point of view) roller coaster video and also a video highlight you should look for.

California Screamin Roller Coaster | Disneys California AdventureCalifornia Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure is one of Disney’s most popular roller coasters. It’s also one of the few that approaches the “thrill ride” category with it’s speedy launch and vertical loop.

Video Highlight
While I haven’t ridden this roller coaster, it’s cool to see a family launch roller coaster. Most launch coasters tend to be more on the extreme end. I liked Robb’s “airtime at Disney!” comment. Disney parks are great, but I wouldn’t expect to find airtime (moment when your lifted out of your seat) on a roller coaster there.

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Check out this POV video of California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure:

Note – This video was shot by professionals. For safety reasons, please DO NOT film while riding a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Have you been on California Screamin’? Do you think it’s Disney’s best or most thrilling roller coaster? Leave a comment below.

Image courtesy of Jacob Sundstrum.