Go Karts vs SkyCoasters | Up-charge Ride Showdown

Many theme parks offer attractions that have an additional cost on top of park admission. These are known as up-charge rides. The cost varies, but my local park Carowinds charges

Skycoasters – 3, 2, 1, Fly!

Skycoasters (called Xtreme Skyflyer at some Cedar Fair parks) are those tall steel arches that lift riders via a set of cables. Once they’ve reached the top, they pull the cord and then swing down towards the ground. According to Wikipedia: “During the first drop, riders experience about 3 to 4 seconds of free-falling.” They’re meant to give guests a skydiving experience.

Here’s a list of all of the Skycoaster attractions. The Fun Spot amusement parks in Florida appear to have the tallest at 300 feet (Kissimmee) and 250 feet (Orlando).

Karting Instead of Coastering

Go Karts are pretty common, but I’ve never done a go kart attraction at a theme park. At least not when it was extra. I’d imagine that the appeal is the driver’s ability to control the action. While we’re along for the ride on roller coasters, in a go kart you can take down the competition.

Which of these up-charge attractions do you prefer? Go Karts or Skycoasters?

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Image 1 – Gailf548, Image 2 – Sky Cloud