Log Flume vs Shoot the Chute | Water Ride Showdown

After hours of walking around an amusement park on a hot summer day, who doesn’t like to cool off? Water rides like log flumes and shoot the chutes are rides that appeal to a wide range of guests.

[one_half]Log Flume Rides
Once staples of the amusement parks everywhere, these rides have become more and more rare (See Where Have All the Log Flumes Gone?). On these rides, passengers sit in hollow logs or boats and float down a flume propelled by the flow of the water. There’s usually a conveyor belt lift (often two) that lifts riders allowing for large drops producing a splash. More at Wikipedia: Log Flume (ride)[/one_half][one_half_last]Shoot the Chute Rides
Shoot the Chute rides are similar to log flumes, but they use larger boats that seat more riders. They also usually consist of one large drop that often produces a massive splash. At many parks, an area is made where guests can stand near the ride and get cooled off by the large splashes produced by the ride. More at Wikipedia: Shoot the Chute[/one_half_last]

Which of these water rides do you prefer? Log flumes or shoot the chute rides?

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