I was fortunate enough to be among the first to ride Fury 325 at Carowinds. Billed as: The World’s Tallest and Fastest Giga Coaster, the massive roller coaster has gained national attention thanks to its ridiculously tall lift hill (325 feet) and unnervingly steep drop (81 degrees). For now, I’ve included a mini-review and overall rating. I’ll be posting a full, more detailed review soon.Fury 325 Entrance Station - Carowinds Giga Roller Coaster - sm

Fury 325 Mini Review: High Speed Coasting + Some Surprises

Here’s the lowdown. Fury 325 feels incredibly fast and intense, but still manages to deliver a surprisingly smooth ride for the most part.

Those brave enough to tackle Fury’s awe-inspiring 325-foot peak will be rewarded with a speedy, twisted ride combining an unusually fast feeling of speed (95 mph) with exciting twists and turns that toss you left and right.

Fury 325 Dives Under Bridge - Carowinds Giga Roller Coaster - sm

That alone is quite an achievement, but Fury also offers quite a few spots of airtime, where riders are momentarily lifted out of their seats. The underground tunnel beneath the bridge is a highlight as well. The feeling of soaring through the air in the ride’s open trains, suddenly changes as you pass through seemingly tight tunnel causing you to pull your hands down. There’s also a surprising moment where the ride flies by one of the massive support beams giving a near-miss feeling.

There are a few times where you truly feel the sting as the g-forces press you against the ride’s comfortable seats. Thankfully, Fury 325’s designers (Bolliger & Mabillard) are masters of combining thrills with ride-ability. Unlike other roller coasters this big and fast, survivors should step off unscathed. And they might even be surprised at a sudden urge to ride again.

Here’s a great POV video of a Fury 325 Test Run:

Rating Fury 325

I’m still considering whether Fury 325 will make its way into my Top Ten Roller Coasters, but it has a good chance. At the end of the day, it’s one of the best roller coasters of the 250+ that I’ve ridden and I give it a 5 out of 5 overall.

Check back for my full review with a blow-by-blow account of this ride’s thrilling path. Also, see my comparison of Fury to its little brother: Fury 325 vs. Intimidator

What’s Your Take?
Were you one of the lucky ones at the media event? What did you think? Do you have any questions about the ride? Leave a comment below.

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  1. meg palmer

    this is one the best parks you could ever visit but the food prices are outragious,your not allowed bring anything to eat in the park for poor people only thing allowed is clear bottle of water,and for people on disability theres no special prices on website or in person everyone pay full big prices and can you imagine a disbled person weak legs and all standing in them long lines 2 hours to ride thats just not right,sure you can skip all the lines if the want to pay like $75 extra per day plus $60 to get in plus $15 or $25 to park per day,i been to some awesome parks that truly care about those elderly,disabled,handicapped i dont see it when i visit carowinds poor people want to have little fun in life and have to summer do so or pay out all their disability money to have fun,park needs better management care more about visitors and not so much about be greedy for money,its better to take a loss and help someone than to make them suffer or pay out all their money. this is why i rate the park so very low cause i dont see them caring about others,you ask them something they be rude makes me angry see such unkindness in a place that suppose to be fun for all. start lowing the prices for people with disabilities and offer express pass free with ticket for them,sure some may try to lie but make them show proof statement from doctor or medicaid medicare cards.;come on carowinds show some love to all the world then you will be one the best parks in the world

  2. Brad

    Wow, you start school eiarler than we do! What a great summer you described, Kelsey. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished. I am so excited to continue to learn more about (and see more drawings of) Sam Cooper.Have a terrific term!

  3. coasterlover

    Does anyone know if they will ever let you pick your own seat? I love the ride, and it is really awesome. I’m from Georgia and was so disappointed I could not pick the front row, esp on my very first trip down the thing.

  4. Hector

    Iran won’t commit. They’ll ratlte and make noise, but they have a bigger issue with Sunis than the West…China and Russia have too much to lose.If I’m wrong, we’re out some cash, but have air supremacy potential.If you’re wrong, that cash won’t help much.

  5. Mike ford

    Going there this weekend hope it’s as good as everyone says. After Kingda ka , Top Thrill millinium force the bar is kinda high for me but will see.

    • Mike ford

      Rode Fury325 Friday and all I can say is wow holy cow! What a coaster. The drop lasts forever and the speed is amazingl. By far the best coaster I have ridden including Millinium force, kingdaka and Top Thrill. So many elements that make it stand out ride. Ride it and you will not be disappointed.


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