Six Flags Magic Mountain’s highly anticipated roller coaster, Twisted Colossus, is now open.

Check out this POV video of Twisted Colossus:

Note – This video was shot by professionals. For safety reasons, please DO NOT film while riding a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Twisted Colossus Video Highlights

As expected, the dueling moments look awesome! This is exactly the type of Rocky Mountain Construction upgrade that a ride like Colossus needed. I’d hoped that we’d see this someday. As I said back in 2013, aside from Kings Island’s Racer, the other racing roller coasters could benefit greatly from this type of makeover. Magic Mountain has stepped forward and given their aging racer new life. Will we see another?

I do have one small nitpick. The race seems to end in a section of track where the trains aren’t next to each other. I’m not sure if the riders can tell which side won. It’d be cool if they added a light next to the track indicating which train reached the finish line first. Again, a small nitpick. This ride looks great.

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Twisted Colossus looks? Have you ridden it? Leave a comment below.

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6 Responses

  1. Joey

    Overall, this ride looks fantastic, and I’m looking forward to heading down to ride it in July! I agree that the dueling moments look amazing, and I think this aspect is the coolest part of the ride. However, I have one concern from watching various povs of the ride–there doesn’t seem to be much airtime! The layout of the ride looks like it would provide tons of airtime but the riders in the povs don’t seem to be even floating out of their seats that much, especially in comparison to videos I’ve seen of Wicked Cyclone! What do you think?

    • Joel

      That’s a fair point Joey. It doesn’t look like there’s loads of airtime, but that probably wasn’t the focus of this ride’s design. RMC probably wanted to make the racing/dueling aspects as good as possible, so airtime probably had to take a “back seat”. 🙂

      • The Coaster Guy

        It may not look like it in the videos, but this ride is chock full of airtime! And if you ride in the very back, you get a fair dose of ejector airtime. It’s awesome!!

  2. Eric

    Six Flags and Rocky Mountain Construction didn’t disappoint with the I-Box/iron horse re-tracks of Twisted Colossus and Wicked Cyclone, and the transformations of 3 other coasters. I hope Georgia Cyclone may already be on RMC and Alan Shelke’s radar… I hope I spelled his name correctly. I could picture Georgia Cyclone transformation with… Wicked Cyclone inspired 200-degree stall element, Twisted Colossus inspired double-down element, and first of its kind element (like a corkscrew inversion or tunnel after the first drop, or both).

  3. William

    I have been on Twisted Colossus four times, there is for sure airtime and the ride is way wilder than it looks. It’s a great coaster!

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