Storm Chaser- Kentucky Kingdom - 2016 Roller Coaster

Kentucky Kingdom Announces Storm Chaser, New RMC Roller Coaster

Kentucky Kingdom’s rebirth rolls on with yesterday’s announcement of their 2016 roller coaster, Storm Chaser. The Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster will use the steel supports left by the defunct Twisted Twins dueling woodie.

It’ll be just a bit on the small side for an RMC coaster (2,744 feet long, 100 feet tall), but will have a lineup of exciting elements. The most notable may be the barrel roll during the first drop. Here’s a look at Kentucky Kingdom’s Storm Chaser:

Interested in more? Coaster Studios has an excellent analysis of Storm Chaser. His YouTube channel is definitely worth a follow too.

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Storm Chaser looks? Are you planning a trip to Kentucky Kingdom now? Leave a comment below.