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InvadR Roller Coaster Coming to Busch Gardens

InvadR Opening in 2017 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

This Spring, Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be opening a new roller coaster called InvadR. It’ll be the park’s first ever wooden roller coaster. Guests will experience a 74-foot drop, speeds of 48 mph, and nine airtime hills. InvadR will be located in the New France section of the park near the Le Scoot Log Flume and the Caribou Train Station. The nearest roller coasters will be Griffon and Alpengeist.

What to Expect: A Smooth and Fast Roller Coaster Ride Through the Backwoods of New France

Guests who’ve been rattled and beaten by wooden coasters, may be surprised by InvadR. Designed by Great Coasters International, InvadR should offer a thrilling and smooth ride; especially in its opening year. While InvadR won’t reach the jaw-dropping heights of some of the other rides on the park’s roster (like Alpengeist and Apollo’s Chariot) features like the covered first drop, tunnel, and low-flying course will definitely keep things interesting. In addition, it’s a smart move to balance out the park’s bigger thrill rides with an intermediate crowd-pleasers for younger riders and the slightly less adventurous guests.

The Latest POV Video of InvadR & #Project2017

Want a preview? Take a spin on this new animated POV video of InvadR.

For more than a year, the park has been providing updates and asking fans to help pick the logo and even name the new roller coaster. For more on Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s InvadR, visit the official site: #BGProject2017.

InvadR Roller Coaster - Logo
Fans Chose the InvadR Name & Logo

What’s Your Take?
Are you looking forward to riding InvadR this year? Which features look the best? Leave a comment below.

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