Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced their new Wonder Woman Golden Lasso roller coaster for the 2018 season. The ride will have the distinction as the World’s first single rail roller coaster thanks to the new Rocky Mountain Construction raptor track design.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso will be 113 feet tall, with a top speed of 52 mph. It will feature a 100 foot tall 90-degree drop and three inversions including a dive loop, cutback, and a corkscrew.

My Take – Great Theme & Questionable Capacity

As a geek of all things super heroes, I’m glad to see a Wonder Woman themed roller coaster. With the popularity of the movie, this is a really smart move for Six Flags. And as they’re saying in their marketing, Fiesta Texas can now boast the “trilogy” as the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso will join Batman and the awesome Superman Krypton coaster.

My astute coaster-loving daughter pointed out that riders will sit in a line one behind the other with only eight riders per train; which for a roller coaster is really low. I don’t know how many trains the coaster will have, but ride capacity could be low. This may mean long, slow moving lines for guests. We’ll have to wait and see, but definitely something to consider.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of this news? How do you think this coaster looks? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Bobbie

    An RMC can never be bad but as you say, the ride capacity will inevitably be low. An interesting question is whether clones will appear at other Six Flags parks. Thus far all RMC’s at Six Flags parks have been unique to a specific park so whether RMC’s policy will permit this to be cloned remains to be seen. Almost every new ride to appear at Six Flags parks over the past several years has been duplicated – e.g. Justice League, The Joker (known as Batman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas – how original!), El Diablo.

  2. Ethan

    When I first saw the renderings for this coaster I guffawed slightly but reserved judgement until I got a closer look at the coaster and all its stats. My opinion? When it comes to the theme I’m not too fond of the colors or name. Whenever I see this coaster I have a sudden craving for a Big Mac. I understand that the coaster is supposed to mimic Wonder Woman’s golden lasso of truth, but on a coaster, the colors look very offsetting as well as the name. I think its kind of strange to name a coaster after a weapon or an item a superhero carries. On a flat ride it is completely fine, but it just sounds off when its on a coaster. Imagine riding a coaster called “Batman’s Utility Belt”, “Green Lantern’s Ring”, “Green Arrow’s… Arrow”, etc. I would have honestly been fine with a name as simple as Wonder Woman or even “The Lasso or Truth” would fit. The name Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster feels like it does too much. However, these are all renderings and stats so one cannot funny judge the ride until it comes out.

    The ride itself looks fun. The 90 degree drop looks absolutely thrilling as does the rest of the ride. I find it absolutely amazing that RMC can make such a thrilling coaster without taking up much space. The first time I ever saw this ride, my first thought was “capacity is going to be a nightmare” but now I have a change in heart. Given that the ride is only 1800 ft with three trains hopefully lines will keep moving. It overall fits in well with the DC theme and it’s neighboring DC coasters. An issue with theming a ride, especially a coaster, to a superhero is that it might not do the character justice- pun intended. Aside from my nitpicking, I’m looking forward to see how this ride will do as a first of its kind RMC single-rail coaster. This coaster will be a ride for old and young riders alike.

  3. Eric

    I would probably say that RMC is testing the Raptor single-rail concept first, to see how it works… Six Flags Fiesta Texas receiving Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster and California’s Great. receiving Railblazer (a mirror-image clone)… I’d imagine the T-Rex single-rail concept going to bigger parks (like Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, and King’s Island).

    So far, the Coaster Class of 2018 is looking very promising. Electric Eel for SeaWorld San Diego, Wonder Woman coaster for SFFT, Railblazer for CGA, Hangtime for Knott’s Berry Farm, Twisted Timbers for King’s Dominion, Steel Vengeance for Cedar Point, and Time Traveler for Silver Dollar City… we’re still waiting for Kentucky Kingdom to make its 2018 announcement, and Six Flags makes its announcement tomorrow. Got my fingers crossed that RMC conversion to Georgia Cyclone is happening.


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